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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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love, love, love netflix, it is easier to search on the laptop and then save to my quay to watch on tv through the wii or rouk, or 'puter

Netflix is a very helpful app to have. It gives us folks who have problems paying bills a chance to come home to great movies. We can rate. They help us see the movies that best relate to our past movie watching. Has new movies every few weeks and adds great tv shows on. Has documentaries as well as comedy to horror movies. Great great thing.

Netflit is amazing and I love it! The only problem is the amouMt of time

I love Netflix. My family got rid of cable because this is so great. We also have Hulu Plus because some ABC and Nickelodeon (for the kids) shows get updated the day after they come out unlike Netflix.

I love Netflix, I can watch all types of movies with it and watch series that I'm unable to watch during the time. It's really good !!!!!!!!!!!

I hate commercials!! I love Netflix. I rarely watch regular television. I have the ability to control what I watch when I wont to watch it. Yeah some would say I'm say I'm a bit of a Control Freak but hey I like what i what I like. Not to mention the great monthly price. Netflix is cheaper than popcorn at the movies. Who ever came up with this is a genius!!

I love Netlix, and it is so cost effective that it does not break your bank. The only thing that I do not like is that it takes me longer to find something to watch then it does to watch something.

Netflix is awesome. Get it for your friends and family. All your favorite shows are on and they are adding more everyday. Accesses it on your phone or tablet and enjoy movies and TV shows anywhere. Use it in the car or anywhere your phone receives service. You'll watch Netflix and you'll love it

Netflix is awesome. I can always find something to watch on it, and we have had it for a little over two years. We actually like netflix, and other "channels" like this that we are cancelling our super expensive cable. I like that theres ways to see movies like the ones that you like the most. Theres always something fun to watch on it.

I enjoy the ability to watch movies on Netflix and also rent them via DVD in the mail. I feel that they have a nice selection of movies. I do wish that they would put more series on instant, but they do try to do it as they can.

We love Netflix. My husband loves old black and white movies and I like a eclectic mix of movies. I hate regular television because of the commercials, so rarely watch it. We like the ease of the US Postal Service and not having to leave the house. We enjoy knowing there are no late fees. Some weeks we zip through movies, other weeks we hold onto what we have because there is so many other things going on in our lives.

My family and I love Netflix! We can all find a movie or tv show on there that fits each one of our needs, or our needs as a whole. I love the opton for kids that allows my young children to access movies and tv shows that are appropriate for them and that I dont have to monitor too closely. I also love the fact that each one of us can have our own profiles that is tailored directly to each one of us based on what we like individualy. My other favorite thing about Netflix is watching movies and tv shows uninterupted by commercials, and that I can watch the whole serious as soon as I want to and not have to wait a whole week to watch the next episode/

We got rid of our cable several months ago. And my children have always asked me since then can we just get NETFLIX. please mom, and I will say this I have come to actually like it, In the beginning I didnt but I do now.

Dear Netflix, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU. I feel like i owe Netflix $20 for babysitting money because when i really need my kids to sit down and chill, I turn you on and you keep them entertained! Thank yoU!

Thanks netflix for the quality entertainment, life would be hell boring without you.