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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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I love Netflix it great. We were spend ing hundreds of dollars in late fees every year because we couldn't see the movie for whatever reason. This works out so well for us. Netflix is something i don't want to ever be without.

Love Netflix!! it is so easy to use even my 10 year old uses it. Not only do we get movies in the mail, we can also watch movies and TV shows instantly! We watch movies on the Wii, Playstation, Xbox, and our netbooks. My daughter moved away for college and she can log on to our account and watch movies instantly on her netbook. We are even thinking about canceling out cable and just keeping the internet and Netflix. You have to try it!

I use to get Netflix but, then they started to take there time mailing me my movie's out. Then movies I would get were in such bad shape they skipped now I use Red box a dollar a movie better deal in the long run plus I get free codes often

one of the best parts about netflix is that you can watch movies on your pc...i don't subscribe to tv service, so watching movies on my tv instantly and getting dvd's is so great! Love Netflix

Great price. I love rating movies I have already seen and then getting suggestions of ones I might like. I love getting my little red package in the mail... feels like Christmas morning!

I have been a netflix member for a couple years and love every minute of it, you can watch movies on the wii xbox and instantly to your tv for one low price monthly. love it

I have been a member for 5 years now and used to love Netflix. Now I just like it since a few months ago they stopped offering new releases the day they come out (usually a Tuesday). Now I have to wait up to a month to see a new release. I do like that there are no late fees and that I usually get a movie I requested in about 2 days. I have been pleased with the selection. I have been able to watch movies that I have not seen in the video store. I love the website since it offers suggestions based on your reviews of movies as well as genre suggestions.

Love it!!! I have saved a ton of money!!! You can always find something to watch instantly and when you have a dvd shipped you get it in just a day or two!

Love it! My sister in law got the disk so that you can stream it through her wii...I just send of mine...cant wait how cool will that be, no extra charge either!

I have a Netflix account and it is great. It's better and easier than renting movies from an actual store and definitely a lot less expensive. There are a lot to choose from. The only thing is that I wish there were more movies to choose from in the "watch instantly" section. It seems like the ones in that section are always boring.

Great way to watch movies!

love it! i use mostly the online ones, cuz the mailing is kind of a but, only down side is that i am a film student, and so more the lesser known films i study arnt up there but other then that its great!

I LOVE NETFLIX! It has to be one of the best inventions of all time.

LOVE IT! def easier for the people who work so hard during the day (night) to enjoy something at home without needing to go out again.

we just started with netflix a couple of months ago. We're able to watch movies on our Wii and we love it. it takes about 2 days to change movies. (from when you send it in and get it back) We can watch kids shows with out commercials and older tv shows and movies online. it's really worth it. we've canceled out cable and just have netflix.