Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies

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Rotel is always in the pantry. There is no end for the many creations.

Ro-Tel is a constant staple in our house! I make so many recipes all the time with them, my favorites being Queso Dip & The Pioneer Woman's Chili. YUM!

This is a must have in our house, especially during football season. Mix it with a block of velveta cheese and you got the dipping of a life time. You can serve it hot or cold, either way it is great.

This is my go to tomato and chili brand, I love the extra hot, you don't have to add too much to it to get a nice spice jolt to your chili or dip recipe or even a taco recipe if you drain them a little. Love these tomatoes!!

a cupboard staple. never without it. it is an ingredient endless possibilities.

I add these to chicken in my crockpot. I chop an onion, throw in some pepperocini; set on low for hours. I serve with mashed potatoes and a salad. yum!

A can of these and Velveeta...a perfect queso dip that everyone loves. Plus they add a kick to my homemade chili. Can't go wrong.

I ALWAYS have multiple cans of Rotel around. I use it in so many dishes and dips it's unbelievable! I love this stuff!

VELVEETA is amazing with this!

Perfect item to add to dips and snacks to add a boost of flavor and taste. I always keep cans of Rotel in my pantry.

The Rotel is an excellent choice for making dips and adding to my soups. I have been buying this for years and love it and so do my guest that come over for a girls day

The best..always useful

I have started to use this to spice up so many dishes daily. The best

This makes great cheese dip!

Make salsa and dips real easy. Good for when you don't have time to cut veggies.