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i would have to also disagree i prefer huggies to any brand my daughters diapers never leak.

my daughter would wake up soaking wet every morning through her diaper with huggies. switched to pampers and would never use huggies again. plus pampers has the pampers points as a perk.

I used Huggies with my now 21 month old son when he was first born. They seemed to leak more often than other brands (overnight), and my son was allergic to the fragrance they add to them (all have a scent added unless marked "unscented" or "hypoallergenic"). However, my son seemed comfortable in them, the designs were super cute, and I loved the stretchy tabs. I give it 4 stars, even though I could not use them for my son. My preference is Pampers or Luvs.

I love Huggies. I have two children and have used them for both with no problems at all. I buy the Supreme (red box) though. Perhaps that is the difference? I have tried Pampers (was given a box at my first baby shower) but was really turned off by the mesh like cover on the inside and the overpoweriing baby-powder smell they spray them down with. The scent alone is enough to make me dislike them, plus when the babies have a BM the mesh lining sticks to their skin, unlike Huggies which I've always found do a better job at containing messes and keeping little bottoms dry. Since both diapers are shaped differently, perhaps some babies 'fit' Pampers better than Huggies and vice versa? The new organic Huggies are amazing too . . . very, very soft and comfy!

These diapers are horrible. They fit awkwardly and thru normal playing they almost always come undone. Ive tried all the different brands and Ive tried Huggies several times and Huggies has always disappointed me. I would choose any brand over Huggies if I could. Most of the store brands are better than Huggies and they're cheaper.