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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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I absolutely LOVE Netflix, as I love movies and this way I always have some available to watch. They also have a great selection and new releases arrive very quickly.

I think for the amount of new movies they offer this service doesnt really pay for itself. Personally i found after a couple weeks we had watched all the movies we wanted and unless you plan on watching very old movies or t.v. shows then this service is a waste of money!

Netflix is always advertising that you can watch movies & TV shows from your gaming console or computer/laptop, what they fail to mention is that all of the programs & movies available to stream are outdated. The only way to watch new or even current releases is through their mail program, which you have to enroll in separately & pay another $7.99 a month. They also do not like to make it know that they are no longer contracted with Starz or Disney which means you can't stream ANY of their movies. Blockbuster Movie Pass was a much better fit for our family, and does offer current movies.

I once was a big fan of Netflix. Was a member for 4 years....but when they hiked the prices and tried to change the company I was displeased. When the information leaked that the man in charge did not care about the current customers his only interest was chasing new ones, I quit my subscription. I figure the only quick way we can make positive change in this world is where we spend our money. If we quit spending with those whose practices displease us it will affect their bottom line and perhaps they will make changes

We love Netflix. We have been using the service for several years now. We particularly like the streaming service. It seems that a lot of television shows have lost family values and we enjoy watching the episodes of "The Cosby Show!"

I did a trial of Netflix, and I was not impressed. It would be better if they actually had NEW releases. I had never even heard of half of the movies that were listed. The only good thing is that it is inexpensive.

I love Netflix. We have been members for along time and have never had an issue with them. When we did receive some movies that were broken or cracked they replaced them immediately without any trouble. I love that I can now stream movies from them now too. We do alot of renting and streaming from them. I always recommend them to my friends.

We have been a member since they first started. I've never had a problem with them. We use the streaming all the time. They don't have a lot of the new movies just released but there's so much stuff that there is always something to watch. I would recommend it to anyone.

DISLIKE....was a subscriber but was always on the waiting list for new releases and it started to get old. Plus dvds were scratched or they skipped, which was frustrating!

They lost my business (after ten years?!?!?!) when they divided up the plans and our monthly charges doubled! What is worse, they don't care. They say they'll keep enough people who are willing to pay more, to make up for the people who do leave. Well then, bye bye Netflix, I've moved on! Long live Hulu!

I have been a member for a few years now and highly enjoy it. Sometimes they are a little slow on new releases but they have the BEST service. I always get the DVDs on time and if there is ever a problem with the DVD itself they are very prompt in fixing the problem. It's a great service!

Love netflix. My only complaint is the lack of variety of things to watch on the website.

I have done Netflix twice now. I love it. This time we can watch through our wii & laptop. We also recieve a movie in the mail. I love that you can watch tv episodes. I also like that they make suggestions for you. I love to rate the movies.

I love my netflix. We cancelled our cable becuase it was getting to be too expensive and we are always watching our netflix. Its much cheaper than renting a ton of movies.

I LOVE NETFLIX!! It's so great! I love that you can order movies, watch them on the computer or your game station! It's very convenient! And, I love that you can get seasons of shows! Very nice! The only thing I could complain about is that I wish they'd have more instant watch movies.