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  • allmystuff By  allmystuff    

    Even their lightest color is still too dark for me, and the consistency was just bleh! My face felt like my hands used to after I cleaned erasers for the teacher in third grade. NOT good. I was so mad that i lost my receipt and couldn't take it back.

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  • heatherv112506 By  heatherv112506    

    Came off very chalky on my face :( Couldn't even find a shade that seemed to match my complection.

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  • Bridge6981 By  Bridge6981    

    I have used a couple different mineral makeups and this is the worst I've tried. It made my skin look absolutely terrible. It looked dry and was difficult to apply the makeup evenly. I gave it away and the person I gave it to threw it away. Just a waste of money.

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    I bought this at a CVS because it was part of their 50-70% off annual sale. CVS usually sells their cosmetics pretty high so i had to take the opportunity and of course buy it. i really wanted to like it especially because everyone says teh Colorstay is comparable to other high end brands. I didn't really like it mostly because of the applicator. the brush felt really harsh on my skin. It was not soft at all and left me with a little tingling sensation and it was not a good one. It was mostly because it kind of hurt my face when i put in on. I sold it for $1 at a garage sale i had recently. Maybe if it had a more softer applicator brush i would buy it again but until that happens i won't.

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  • lovepink12972 By  lovepink12972    

    I used this product 3 times, then I gave it to a friend...I found that it didn't really cover as well as my other mineral foundations plus I typically use a bigger brush than the one that was included so I won't be buying this product again.

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  • aem0508 By  aem0508    

    This was a bad choice. The brush is worthless and the powder is horrible.

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  • MaggieE By  MaggieE    

    Yeah, I really didnt like this product either. Like many others I have sensitive skin too, and this foudation broke my skin out bad!

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