Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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I DID not like this wipes because they get dry very easy and you can't clean your baby well. Tough wipes for me and I do not recommend it and very expensive. I like huggies diapers not wipes.

These are a MAJOR no go for my baby she instantly started to scream in pain she got chemically burned ( not so natural) I won't use them on her ever again..

I tried these but I disliked how they held up. They were too thing. They were moist but very thin and would tear when I tried taking them out of the bag.

I love buggie products I just don't like this one. This wipes seriously smell like hair dye! I hate the smell of them. I love the tea and cucumber one, I always buy those! You guys should not sell this one and make new ones that have a better scent! To be honest I shop at target or Walmart and u always see this wipes like if they don't sell. U always see the tea and cucumber sell out! All I got to say is stop selling this one it smell nasty! Make new ones with a great scent.

Huggies wipes give my son a horrible rash! I thought maybe it was his newborn sensitive skin, but my husband picked up a case instead of our usual pampers and after two uses in one day our son had the rash again! I will never buy them again and I don't recommend them at all!