Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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I love the Huggies Natural Cabre Baby wipes! I find that they are much trong, durable, moister and soft then the Pammpers wipes!

These are the only wipes we use and have used them since our oldest was born. I find that with other wipes I have to use 2-3 times more than what 1 Huggies wipe will do. The other brands just do not compare.

By far the BEST wipes! Strong, durable, moist and soft! I wouldn't use anything else!

I love huggies wipes!! They are durable and soft all at the same time. I only use pampers wipes if I can get cheap with a coupon.

I bought the Huggies Natural Care Baby wipes because I had coupons and was sorely disappointed. I have used Pampers wipes as well as Target -brand Up & Up wipes in the past and have been really pleased with them. Those wipes are more "cloth-like" while the Huggies wipes was like using wet contruction paper to wipe my baby's bottom. Also, my 4 month old developed a diaper rash after 2 days of using the wipes. I stopped using the wipes and switched back to using the Up&Up brand and her diaper rash went away. (I should mention that my 4 month old has rarely had a diaper rash, so I know they were from using this product. )