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Love Huggies! The only diaper that doesn't my daughter diaper rash and she doesn't leak at all. Unlike pampers which always gives her rashes and smells so strongly of chemicals. $42 for 258 at Costco!

I love Huggies! It is the only brand we use for my grandson! Haven't had a leak yet & love the velcro, they are so easy to use & change him

Huggies always gave my girls rashes. The diapers always felt stiff to me - not soft. We often got them as gifts - so I'd give it a good effort thinking maybe they changed - but always hated them! I prefer pampers over huggies.

I have purchased Huggies a couple times when Pampers were sold out, and I always regret it. They leak! These are not cheap diapers, but they leak more than cheaper brands. I gave the rest of the packets away rather than keep finding puddles because they couldn't hold one baby pee!

Huggies always leak! I have kids and each time have tried huggiesand these are so not my favorites....I am defiantly a pamper's or luvs fan.

love them!

I agree through size 3. I tried other brands and aways went back to huggies. When my baby moved into size 4 I was very disapointed. The design of the diaper seems to be different and constantly leaking. I am now using pampers, but trying different store brands when I find them.

I love this product. I have tried other diapers (Luvs, Pampers, Parent's Choice). But the kind that has given me the best results is Huggies. It has cute designs and fits my son just right (it's rounded not square) like a baby-not a brick. Huggies has great absorbancy and doesn't give my baby a rash from irritation. Huggies also has a pocket to prevent any leakage.

The regular diapers have tabs that aren't tapered so they have a pointed edge which scratches my daughter. The fancier ones do which is nice but they have lots of the absorbent stuff in it so it leaves little pieces of gel on her rear. I do like how they fit, but if it wasn't for the coupons I probably would get another brand.

I love huggies! I have never had a problem with them leaking and other brands gave my baby a rash but not huggies.

I used Huggies for my daughter until she was around 8 months old then switched to Target brand. We never had issues with blowouts or leaks with Huggies. My friends with little boys all use Pampers and I received quite a few boxes of them at my shower. When we tried the Pampers they leaked everywhere and we experienced lots of blowouts. I always recommend Target Brand or Huggies.

I love them! They are the only ones that don't leak for my son.

I LOVE Huggies. Work great for both my babies. Pampers leaves that residue on them overnight.

only kund i use these are name brand here

I am not a fan of huggies at all. They don't hold much and always leak with my son. They are also not as soft and comfy feeling as other diapers.