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  • wlroberts By  wlroberts    

    I love these bottles my daughter did grate on them. She was not gasy and no spit-up. Also get because no liners to buy.

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  • babeelove By  babeelove    

    The best bottles with my newborns & baby age. Worked well with gasy babies and were inexpensive.

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  • munekita01 By  munekita01    

    Best bottles ever I use this and there work wonderful I used them with all my 3 little ones and I was so happy with the results

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  • Sprinkles68 By  Sprinkles68    

    These were the bottles that I nursed my son with when he was a baby. They were the first bottles I used, so I was never sure if he ever had a problem with gas or not. But I loved them, they always worked well and were really easy to clean.

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  • dainesh By  dainesh    

    This helped alot when my son had colic. It is a must have for new and first time moms.

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  • babydot By  babydot    

    I used to use these for my firstborn son before I started using the Dr. Brown bottles. They seemed to be okay but then I realized my baby would have tons of spit up and gas from the bottles so I switched to the Dr. Browns.

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  • singlemommyof2 By  singlemommyof2    

    My daughter has these in her collection of bottles. She still uses them. They helped with gas and are sturdy good bottles!

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  • nikkisg By  nikkisg    

    good for a cheap bottle but i would never buy this its give the baby way to much of he suds and give them gas.

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  • MamaKass3 By  MamaKass3    

    I used these with my older son. I like them a lot. No gas problems with him at all. Easy to clean and decent price. Playtex is a trusted manufacturer in my eyes.

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  • your1chef By  your1chef    

    I used these bottles for both of my kids. My daughter was holding these bottles to feed herself at 3 months old- so for her they were great. My only issue was with the nipples, there was two sizes: slow and fast. When the kids were inbetween the slow and fast stage, I had to make the holes of the slow nipples larger until they could use the fast stage. So if Playtex had three nipples sizes, my problems would have been solved.

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  • lschultz381 By  lschultz381    

    i tried these bottles but they were very awkward to hold while i my son used them. They also are very hard to use with formula in the 4oz version. By the time you add the powder there is no room to shake it up. Plus he hated the nipple after a while and I continued to use the other bottles we had and he loved. They also leak very easy

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  • krr819645 By  krr819645    

    These are the bottles are preferred with both my boys to prevent gas on their little bellies...It helped my boys alot and i am greatful for the bottles...But the only thing i did not like was the shape of them that you had to hold them at an agile....

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  • deeraffreeg17 By  deeraffreeg17    

    Loved these bottles.. Used them for both of my kids, and these bottles helped them with their acid reflux a great deal!

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  • jtiffaney By  jtiffaney    

    i bought these for my daughter an i have loved them so much there the only kind i use an will be getting them for a friend

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  • Melissa_1 By  Melissa_1    

    I have used these on all of kids. These are great bottles! My first was a bit gassy with another popular brand name so we switch to these and no more gas. You just have to make sure you clean them very good since there is 6 different pieces to the bottle.

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