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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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Netflix is an inexpensive and easy way to watch tv series and movies. This is very easy to use!

Love netflix streaming and that we can access the app on our smart phones and tablets as well as with our wii.

How perfect would it be if you wanted to watch your favorite movie or tv show at any time?! Oh wait, Netflix does that for us! One of the best inventions ever made!

Netflix keeps me interested in movies and tv shows when actual tv is not doing the job. It's like a great substitution and sometimes its a replacement. 'Orange Is the New Black' is one of their original series, which Iv'e seen a few episodes and so far I'm into it. Netflix also allowed me to catch up on 'Scandal' before I knew what it was, and THANK GOODNESS for it!! Catch old movies, classics, and see something new. Netflix makes me smile. LOVE IT

Having a family of 7, I have to be honest, we cannot afford cable and honestly wouldn't want to. I can monitor what my kids watch with parental controls and stream anything I want to watch. Or I can rent it. I love it. No due dates and just about anything I want to watch is available.

love netflix! one of the best inventions ever!

Netflix is a great service if you like to watch movies. The movies come out generally fast. They have lot of chocies either TV shows or movies. If you can't find something to watch on Netflix something is wrong. They give you other movies that you may like to watch based on what you watch. I have found many movies that I would not have know about by their recommendations. They also have recently added a feature where you can put in the name of the person watching and it only shows recommendations based on you not your entire family. I can also watch netflix on the go unlike my cable provider. We have been with Netflix for a couple of years.

Our family has been Netflix members for a few years now. We love it and don't regret becoming members. You can rent just about any movie or show that we want. It is so convenient. We just select what we want online and it gets delivered to our door within a couple of days, then all we have to do is drop it into our mailbox when we are done. We also can keep the movie for as long as we want at no extra cost! We love it!

I would love to try it never tried Netflix before

Who couldn't love Netflix!! Our family can't afford cable so we got Netflix and couldn't be happier. There are so many kids shows on there and my kids love the variety. My husband and I love all of the reality shows and the movies. What would we do without Netlfix, it's cheap and convenient!!

Netflix is awesome, always on at our house!

Netflix is a lifesaver. I can't afford cable, but I don't really miss it. Netflix has most of the movies and shows I would like to watch. If they don't have it, I use Redbox, Amazon Instant Video, or other online sources.

I love Neflix! They offer great and prompt customer service. They are very affordable and have a great variety of movies and TV shows to pick from. You never run out of choices to pick from. It's always great to receive a DVD in the mail and if by chance there is something wrong with the requested DVD it's so simple to report and they get a new one out to you ASAP!

I really don't have any complaints about Netflix. My husband and I have been subscribers for years. We get the instant movies and the DVDs. There is a HUGE selection of instant movies and television shows. We are never without something to watch-- currently it's Supernatural and the Andy Griffith Show ;)

Our family loves Netflix!!