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NETFLIX Movie Rental

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I like netflix but i think they need more movies then tv episodes and i like to see some new movies on it since you pay for it for sure....

Netflix, netflix, netflix. What would I do without you? I'm always overwhelmed when trying to find something to watch on Netflix. There are so many things to watch and so little time. They have everything from cartoons from the 90s to Korean dramas. It's less than 10 bucks a month and when you first get it you'll probably find yourself marathoning shows for a few days.

Get rid of cable, dish, or direct! This is the way to go! Make sure your router is higher than your devices as much as possible. So much more affordable and you can watch when you want with no ads!

I have the dvds sent to me because our internet is not fast enough to do the instant viewing. I used absolutely love Netflix but now I'm sliding more towards frustrated. For some reason they are now ungodly slow in getting new movie releases. It wasn't that way before, so I'm not sure what's going on, but it's darn frustrating. The only reason we haven't dropped Netflix yet is because it is still the best place we've found to get older or obscure movies or TV shows without having to actually buy them. If they still had quick availability of new releases I'd probably have rated this five stars.

Netflix is the greatest. I have it connected to my TV, Phone, Ipad and Roku player.

My family enjoys Netflix. We're very excited that we've able to now watch movies through our subscription on our new television as well as on our computers. I'd like to commend their customer service department for how nice and helpful they are. It's a pleasure doing business with a company that has kind customer service. It's been a pleasure doing business with Netflix.

The next best thing to Tivo, oh wait! I can stream Netflix to my Tivo too! Kudos to Netflix! You let me maintain my queue even when I put my membership on hold, you let me restart my service whenever it's convenient for me and you have the next available movie on my queue in my mailbox usually by the next day, then you let me keep my movies as long as I need to in order for my busy family to get together and watch it and then when we're through I can drive up to the nearest mailbox and return it without even getting out of my car. What's not to love?

Netflix rocks! I love that I now have the flexibility to pay for a package with movie sent in the mail and/or streaming video. The service is great and the turn around is excellent. Netflix is so much better than Blockbuster. My family and I tried Blockbuster for 3 months while we had a free trial and we hated it. I was actually glad when it was over because it was such a hassle and the turn around time was 3-4 days.

We received Netflix as a gift and initially I would have given it 5 stars but now that we have had it I've noticed it's not updated with new movies. It takes a good 40 days for new release movies to appear. Also as soon as I find a tv series I want to watch, it won't have all of the episodes and have never been updated. I hate getting into a show just to end up only having a few seasons available. How do i continue watching?? Very frustrating because it's a great concept but needs lots of tweaking.

We only have the online instant streaming subscription, but I love it. It has all my kids favorite tv shows, and all my husband and I's favorite movies. I especially like that after we watch something, it will tell us a few movies or tv shows that are similar, so we have all new favorites that we get to watch for the first time with no commercials!! Can't beat that for $8 a month!!

It's not perfect, I'll admit. That said, Netflix has TONS to watch. It's much more diverse than cable and I love the fact that you can stream it whenever you want it without waiting for a schedule. They've added plenty of Nickelodeon series for the kids to get their fill of and back seasons of many shows that I want to catch up on. For $8/month, you can't beat it. I just wish you could create separate queues for each family member to reduce browsing time.

Our house is a Netflix mecca! We watch live stream movies, TV shows and get 5 -7 movies a week through the mail. I wish the streaming options were larger but I am sure it will continue to grow. We have experienced some issues with the streaming process with our movies freezing or a problem with the signal. It is a little aggravating but we do get our money's worth and then some! We love Netflix!

I love Netflix, it is the best. I can return movies when I am ready to return them.

I love Netflix but am upset by how they just changed their whole system. I am still a customer and wish they had some movies that they don't have like "Hysteria" for one but I am patient and will wait to see if they ever get it in. Also their customer service has always been helpful and I will continue to be a customer.

We have been a member for about 3 yrs & love it! I like how there is always something to watch & with kids that's a big plus. It comes in handy when we are waiting somewhere & my son can watch a program & not be bored or get restless.