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  • Mommyof4ts Mommyof4ts

    My kids love these!! Even my husband would sneak some, lol. The taste/texture is a little odd, but with kids not having fully developed taste buds at the age where they eat them, it didnt seem like a big deal.

  • bambiluv bambiluv

    OK product. Yes the babies love them, but they are just to expensive! The cost per pound for these things is like $6.99! I've had great success with the store brands and private labels. Cheerios works very well also. Save your money and read the price labels at the grocery store!

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  • pilince By  pilince    

    Very good and healthy snack for babies. Not messy, and they don't have to have teeth to chew. It dissolves in their mouth. Delicious variaties of flavors, like banana, sweet potatoes, cherry, strawberry, sweet corn, and whole wheat.


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