Huggies Diapers

Huggies Diapers

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Not impressed. If I have a coupon, I will buy them, but I feel they leak more than most.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Huggies!! They are the only diapers that have worked for both of my sons. We never have leaks or anything with Huggies!!!

I love huggies!! Never leak and always accountable!

I buy huggies every chance I can they fit well and don't leak. I also like that you can collect points online for discounts and items.

I love the Huggies brand diapers. They fit my grand-daughter and never leaks through.

Love them. Wouldn't change them for another brand. Always pleased to know that they are gentle on my babies bottom.

I work in a day care and have 3 of my own kids. Huggies are my least fav. brand of "big name" diapers. They feel like paper to me.

These didn't work well for us. My son was a preemie and even the smallest Huggies were huge on him. I returned all that we recieved from baby showers.

I like the Huggies Supreme, they're the only style/variety of this brand that I'll use. Way better than Pampers! I think Huggies are moving up in quality and the other brand is heading south.

/I love the Huggies brand diapers. They keep my baby nice and dry and she has never had diaper rash. They fit great and I never have to worry about gaps in the fit or leaks. These are definitely the most comfortable diapers for my baby.

Everyone has told me to use huggies with my children because they won't leak. Wrong answer. These are the only diapers that have leaked with BOTH of my children.If they work for you stick with them. But i find the cheaper brands work just as well if not better than huggies and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on them.

I love Huggies for my daughter. I also use store brands, but Huggies are the only ones we use for long drives/shopping. They rarely leak and when she has diaper rash, they are the only ones that seem to help her butt heal. I really don't like Pampers, they get so bulky and squishy.

not my 1st choice.I prefer Pampers.

Huggies are great they can be found in variety of quantities and they dont leak. You can also find coupons in newspaper which help alot.

humm... not a huge fan of huggies. Many people said that "huggies will not leak' but in my experience, these are the only ones that i have tried that leak! I am not sure why this happens, but honestly I think pampers and Member's mark brand form Sam's Club are way better products. Thanks!