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  • la_loquita By  la_loquita    

    My daughter has sentitive skin, and was having problems with razor burn after shaving. We bought these razors and she has had minimal problem since and as she continues to use them, the burn is almost gone and no skin irritation at all.

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  • taletreader By  taletreader    

    I used to use the Men's Schick Quattro for a year or so until they finally came out with the same product for women! Great, close shave and rarely leaves you with shaving bumps, even if you're just shaving with water.

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  • nluckett By  nluckett    

    I love this product. There is nothing as great as a good razor and cream. Thanks.

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  • outspeakmom By  outspeakmom    

    i like this product.

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  • Carebare128 By  Carebare128    

    Don't care for them to much.They get the hair off but just like so many razors the hair gets stuck in between the blades and makes it hard to clean and continue to shave.It would be nice if they made it were the hair wouldn't get stuck between the blades and rinsed easily so I don't have to sit the trying for five minutes or more just trying to remove the hair so I can make another swipe.

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  • tfeldman By  tfeldman    

    I am a razor-freak so I try them all. This was a bit disappointing and made it really feel like shaving. I'd pass.

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  • MissELF By  MissELF    

    This razor does a good enough job, but not as good as I would like. I have very stubborn thick hair and it doesn't seem to get my legs very smooth. It also leaves me with razor burn. I had better luck with a man's razor.

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  • vanessd By  vanessd    

    Love these, I use sensitive blades and they work great. Refills are expensive, but if you watch sales you can generally find them at a reasonable price.

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    I love these. I get a nice close smooth shave that seems to last longer. Theyre fantastic!

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  • djsr81 By  djsr81    

    I bought this razor because I heard from so many women that is was GREAT! I wasn't impressed. I still keep it on hand & buy the razors when I have a coupon for them, otherwise I wouldn't buy them.

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  • pinkadidas178 By  pinkadidas178    

    Great razor! I used to use the Venus but it was getting too pricey with the refills. For a razor it's kind of outrageous. So I switched and love the Schick razor, works well and the refills were much cheaper. Plus there are always lots of coupons for them too. A better buy than disposables and eliminates extra trash in landfills for the eco smart.

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  • Lunasmommy By  Lunasmommy    

    I have to be very picky with my razors as most contain something Im allergic to, however these work great! Ive been using them for a few months and have not had any reaction at all

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  • angeed68 By  angeed68    

    I am very sensitive to razors. The first couple times I used this it worked great.By the 3rd time I got razor burn and cuts.

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    Cuts my legs and leaves me with razor burn

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  • musicmomma By  musicmomma    

    I love this razor. I bit pricey but better than a disposable razor any day. It gives a nice clean shave.

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