Tide with Dawn Stainscrubbers Liquid Laundry Detergent

Tide with Dawn Stainscrubbers Liquid Laundry Detergent

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I do not care for Tide. It has an overpowering scent that stays all day and people can smell it on you. It's so artificial smelling.

i don't think this detergent gets stains out and i also think it really fades my clothes

this product is too expensive i only buy it when theres a sale and i can use my coupon other then that nope but i really do like the smell.

I do not like tide made me itch!

I would love this if I could afford it....it is just too expensive...

Good detergent, Soooooooo expensive. I would like to see more coupons to go with a better price

Smells great, but still didn't get out all the stains.

This product while effective is too expensive. I simply will not buy it because of the cost of this product.

I love the smell and the clothes seems cleaner but I could still see outline of stains.

I personally didn't feel the Tide with stain scrubbers did a better job than standard Tide when it comes to removing grass and dirt stains from my son's clothing. As with all Tide products, a little goes a long way and you get great value for money.

I enjoy Tide, but believe it works so much better with the little pods. we use way to much if its not already measured out. Also, it seems I can use it longer than when in the spout size.

I do enjoy tied however I feel that it is honestly overpriced.

I love Tide but use the Simple Tide because it has no sent or fragrances.

We used this twice before we found out my whole family is allergic to tide lol but I must say it smelled good and made the clothes look great

I really like this product. It cleans well. It does provide my family with all of the cleaning features that I desire but I find this product a little too pricey. There are other products out there that does the same thing as Tide but they are cheaper. I would like to see this product reduced in price and more coupons available for this product then I would buy it more often.