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  • Laniejane By  Laniejane    

    For light coverage or setting liquid foundation

    Works well for light coverage or mattifying a liquid foundation. Might require multiple coats for increased coverage. Light and comfortable to wear

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  • Jay2106 By  Jay2106    

    Not for Me Good for Beginners

    I bought and use this product twice. I bought two and while it seemed to work okay on my combo skin tone, I don't feel it was worth buying a third time. The fact that it comes with an attached brush at the stop was a neat idea but after a few uses the brush bristles don't go back as neatly. Also, the bottle is convenient to take on the go but a bit weird. The brush isn't big and I felt some product gets wasted when taking the brush out.

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  • Kaileymua By  Kaileymua    


    Not a huge fan of this product. It isn?t the worst but it?s not my favorite either. I have tried using this for myself and for clients but the coverage isn?t great and it just doesn?t seem to compliment anyone?s skin. I would use this if I was in a hurry and wanted a natural finish.

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  • Megstar By  Megstar    

    I've been a Revlon fan for decades and the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation did not disappoint! Coverage was great and it's lightweight which I love. It also lasted all day!

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  • mickeyvicky By  mickeyvicky    

    Kinda Heavy!

    I'm not much of a liquid makeup fan. It's a little thick, better they make one which is very light in a powder form. Much easier to work with.

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  • lcstrafford By  lcstrafford    

    The comments were very helpful. I have wanted to try this product, but I wasn't sure. I am ready to make a purchase.

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  • Sabrinaplancon By  Sabrinaplancon    


    Es un producto maravilloso. Adoro su suavidad, textura, color. Es para usar cada día de la semana. Lo recomiendo para el uso de todo tipo de piel.

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  • Modestbeautymom By  Modestbeautymom    

    Revlon got it right again

    Excellent product. Not heavy or cakey, long lasting as well as light weight. Will definitely purchase again! I enjoyed it as a combo skin customer, might not be as positive if oily skin.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Revlon Mineral Foundation

    This goes on and lasts all day providing great coverage , however I had a few issues with it weighing heavy on my skin causing acne.

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  • Claryfray By  Claryfray    

    Although it's dry, it leaves the skin feeling wet. I used so much drying to cover a blemish to no avail. I absolutely hate it.

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  • jordanlynette By  jordanlynette    

    Amazing When You Use the Secret:

    This product, y'all. I love it -- not by itself, but in conjunction with other products, it's fantastic. I always (always always always) start off with a primer so it has something to stick to. Then, I use a tinted moisturizer for the same reason. The two products I love for this is the Maybelline Baby Skin primer, and the Neutrogena Acne Cover & Correct tinted moisturizer. This trio is a winning combo! Remember: primer, tinted moisturizer, THEN the mineral makeup. Thank me later!

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  • Ogtully By  Ogtully    

    Good reliable product

    I try a lot of drugstore makeup. This foundation is pretty good for the drugstore. It covers imperfections and blends easily. Loreal air wear works similar to this product but is no longer on the market. This replaces that need I had.

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  • Charrlit By  Charrlit    

    Great to set foundation!

    I really like this powder because it really helps set my liquid foundation under. It's also not a very pricey item and well worth its value. I love that it doesn't make me too "cakey" when I apply it. The brush that already comes with the product is very convenient too.

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  • shylittleghostie By  shylittleghostie    

    It's okay...

    I tried this product a while ago and I did't really like it. The shimmer up in it is so distracting when I put it on my face because I'm super scared that I'll put to much and become a greaseball.... But overall its blendable!

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  • fijianbeauty By  fijianbeauty    

    I really in love with this foundation, i can't live without it and can't live the house or some some where with out applying it.

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