Shout Triple Action  Stain Remover

Shout Triple Action Stain Remover

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Oh my goshhhh nothing has ever gotten spit up out of clothes so well!!!

Sold on Shout! I?ve been using Shout for years and I still love it. I?ve recently turned some young mothers on to the stupendous job it does of removing stains from toddler and preschool clothing especially. I always keep at least 2 bottles on hand. It is a MUST have!

Love this stuff! This stuff is amazing!it's gets basically every stain out...old or new.This stuff is a lifesaver

this product is the best and it gets stains out of out clothes and I use this product to clean almost everything

We use this quite a bit as my husband and daughter are horsey people. My husband's jeans are covered in horse sweat and oil from his chaps. My daughter just has dirty jeans, from the bottoms dragging on the dusty dirt. I have them pre-treat before they put their clothes in the dirty bin. For extra gusto, you can use the tip of the spray bottle to really scrub the spot once you saturate with spray.

I have sensitive skin, but have successfully used this product for years. It works everytime if you spot treat as soon as you can (even if you can't wash right away- but don't try that on dressy/important items!). I actually just buy the refills now in a four pack from Amazon since it's so much cheaper that way, and refill it about 2/3's full and the rest with water and it works just as well. Remember to shake gently each time before using, and vigorously shake the refill before adding!

I use this very frequently! My husband works in construction, I have a 5 year old, and im a hairstylist and makeup artist. Our clothes get many different stains on them and this is my go to product to get them out!

This is all we use to remove stains at our house. Great on dirty collars and kids stains!

When you have a toddler this product is a must have!

Use it all the time removes stains good

I can't think of any stain that this hasn't taken care of for me. works very well!!

Works the best at getting stains out in my kids clothes and those are tough stains!

Use this product to clean almost everything.

One of my favorites with having two young childrens, gets almost all stains out!

works great..perfect for cleaning the collars on shirts...gets tomato spills out