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  • destrea By  destrea    

    Will always have one now

    I use this for almost everything now! It makes food fast! Even from frozen! I'm not sure how I survived without one for so long.

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  • Momma2boys2 By  Momma2boys2    

    Easy dinner!!

    I got my instapot 2 years ago. I was SO intimidated by it though. It was months before I even opened it. Then I only used it like 3 times in the first year. They were so popular by then and everyone told me to just use it so I did. I make dinner almost every other night in it now. It is so easy to use and most importantly, it's convenient! So many delicious recipes out there now that you can keep trying new things too. So happy I started using it more!!!

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  • rsangoi By  rsangoi    

    A must have

    A must have! This cuts the cooking process in no time. Can make different recipes.

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  • donnabunny By  donnabunny    

    This is the best product I have purchased in a long time

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  • MonaLizaLovlyhun12 By  MonaLizaLovlyhun12    

    Great quality

    It's totally versatile. I want to buy one that holds quart jars. The one I have is for pints and half pints. The digital touch panel is great and makes the pot look much nicer! You don't need all the button selected presets on the other models since every recipe is just a combination of steam pressure, time and venting method. All of which one has total control of with the Max. The pot sautés well and you can select low high or custom heat levels.

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  • mtlee16 By  mtlee16    

    cooks super fast

    I love that you can cook a crock pot meal in less than an hour. It is also to overcook meat do be carefull. It makes the best risotto. Still trying different modes. I get a little intimidated.

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  • Patoma By  Patoma    

    Great product i use it all the time. I think everyone should owe these products. There is nothing better then these products

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  • EileenD By  EileenD    

    Super Simple Meals

    I like this appliance, I do. It can cook a whole chicken with ease and no mess. But the ramp up time to get it heated up is definitely an issue. But one pot meals? I'm all about them. It's still a game-changer in the kitchen. Super simple meals.

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  • helenross85 By  helenross85    

    Awesome product for the home

    Everyone needs an Instant Pot. I couldn't live without mine. I use it for meat, soups, chili, beans...everything! It helps me with time management, I can cook beans and baked potatoes on a whim. The recipes are great and it is easy to use. I have told everyone I know that they need an Instant Pot.

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    


    I am a kitchen appliance hoarder. I try them all! This is one I could take or leave. There is maybe a handful of recipes that I like to make in my Instant Pot, but for the most part getting this up to pressure takes just as long as it would via stovetop or oven.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Love my Instant pot!

    I've had my Instant pot for several years now and I absolutely love it. Its very versatile and so easy to use! It's one of my favorite appliances to use!

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  • jonilosmom By  jonilosmom    

    Instant Pot

    I've had my Instant Pot for about 3 years and I've had no problems with it. It's super easy to use and really versatile.

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  • Mzhvj1202 By  Mzhvj1202    

    Move Over Crockpot!

    OMG Best thing you can possibly have in your kitchen! I have used this so much from stews to salmon, it does it all. its easy to clean and there's attachments you can buy to upgrade it. This Instant pot eliminates the use of a lot of other household appliances and cuts cooking time in half. I would 100% recommend this to anyone.

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  • GoShiro By  GoShiro    

    Very easy to use and to clean after I use it. The chicken comes out great. Some dishes are better than others. I am still trying new recipes and playing with the cooking times. But so far so good. It's a little bit bulky to store in the kitchen cabinets.

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  • Dawmom By  Dawmom    

    This is an amazing product. I am able to make meals and not worry about burning dinner while tending to my kids.

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