Ferrara Candy Company The Original Red Hots Cinnamons Flavored Candy

Ferrara Candy Company The Original Red Hots Cinnamons Flavored Candy

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yess this candy is so nice and makes me feel good , i love eating it, and oringal is better then the new one

Love the taste So im not really a fan of cinnamon but I actually really love these because theres not a huge strong taste of cinnamon in them and they're actually not that spicy. They have both the right amount of each thing. Ive eaten these since I was a child with my mother and have loved them ever since.

The Best Hard/Chewy Hot Candy In The World I love this candy so much that I always buy like 4 boxes at one time. I love the way it feels in my mouth when I am sucking on this candy. A lot of people say this candy is real hot but I disagree. This candy is real small and red and they can stain your clothes too, lol. I love to put a hand full in my mouth and just start chewing on them because they are chewy too. I have eaten so much of this candy that it doesn't burn my mouth. If people only knew that this candy is chewy and is not that hot at all. They are sweet fulfilling to the soul.

This girl is on fire! Love this candy! Love the cinnamon! Way better than Brox! I will eat them a whole box of the time as I sit at my desk. My favorite way to enjoy them is baked into a gingerbread cookie!

I love Original Red Hot Cinnamon flavored candy it brings me back to my childhood. I sometimes almost eat the whole box before realizing it. I really enjoy the hot delicious flavor of sweet cinnamon in my mouth. I'd recommend them to my family and friends.

Love these I love red hots candy. Cinnamon is one of my of my favorite candy flavors.

Enjoying it sense childhood Imagine with me If you will, a young girl no more then 6 years old. Playing with her horse in the back pasture in the snow, with her old fashioned M&M candy jar full of redhots! She'd grab snow, ball it up and turn the handle of her candy jar to dispense a few redhots, they'd turn the snow a red color and she'd eat it. To me, redhot candy brings me back to my childhood and I love if! It's great with just about anything. But the best, fresh fallen snow with a horse next to you!