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  • Nydrom1984 By  Nydrom1984    

    Great for babies bum

    I used these and only these for my son when he was a baby. They were the only ones that we had that didn't leave him a rash. Very affordable and you can find in any big box store.

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  • Pessema By  Pessema    


    I absolutely love these diapers! They keep my baby dry through the night and actually have reasonably priced preemie diapers.

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  • e_zapp16 By  e_zapp16    

    FAVORITE diapers for my son !!!

    I absolutely love these diapers. The little snugglers and little movers are the only diapers that we are able to use on our son. We have tried so many other brands & every time our son ends up with a diaper rash very easily. Also I haven?t been able to find any that he doesn?t end up peeing through. Our son has very sensitive skin & these are so gentle on him. I love the material they are made of to. Hands down my absolutely favorite diapers.

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  • EileenD By  EileenD    

    Great brand

    Keeping baby bottoms dry and happy, and giving parents everywhere a little bit more sleep time. :) Great brand.

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  • Keniamejia By  Keniamejia    

    I used this product while my baby was small and they are quite good and last a long time they do not wet the crib

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  • SavannahStarck By  SavannahStarck    

    No diaper rash with Huggies

    Our favorite diaper for my babies! Never a wet baby or diaper rashes. Would recommend Huggies to all my friends.

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  • Irenaavi By  Irenaavi    


    My favorite brand for newborns and up diapers. They never gave my babies diaper rashes and stayed on them well. The only diapers I put on my kids and very affordable too.

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  • curiousgirl By  curiousgirl    

    Huggies little snugglers for my snuggle monster

    I loved Huggies little snugglers in the newborn size and up for my baby! I tried Pampers swaddlers, but they always stuck to my baby's bottom and irritated his skin. Huggies treats his skin better.

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  • Catstarbaby By  Catstarbaby    


    I absolutely love this brand! I am now using them for my second baby! We?ve never had any issues (knock on wood). We?ve tried several brands which have resulted in leaks or rashes. But not these!

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  • Chelesglam By  Chelesglam    

    These dipars are my go to! They never leak, so soft, my baby never got a rash from it so that is wonderful. There decently priced as well. I love to get the big boxes at a wholesale store.

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  • Tiffkis By  Tiffkis    

    We love Huggies

    We love our little snugglers by Huggies! Like all diapers we have experienced an occasional leak, but we are loyal to huggies, they fit well and are relatively easy to find at any grocery or big box store.

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  • Jordancolleen By  Jordancolleen    

    Best Diapers ever!

    This is the ONLY brand of diapers we use. I have used them with two of my girls and plan on using it when the 3rd arrives! Great quality and no leaks!

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  • Caligirl008 By  Caligirl008    

    Not my favorite brand

    I've received these as gifts and used them. They're okay, but leak more than other brands I've tried. Not my favorite.

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  • nahida1995 By  nahida1995    

    Best in the game

    I use these diapers on both of my kids and must say I won?t change any time. I feel like they are more affordable since I get them from Walmart at a great price. I?ve tried other brands but they seem to always leak through the night

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  • Brandih318 By  Brandih318    

    Best diapers

    Love Huggies. They are soft and dependable to hold up against leaks and "blow outs".

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