McDonald's French Fries

McDonald's French Fries

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Nasty I hate these fries. I hear people say these are their favorite kind of fry and I just cannot agree. They are so small you get absolutely no flavor. They are literally like chewing on deep fried pieces of cardboard.

Arby's curly fries are Way better mcdonalds fries shine like a pebble among diamonds, theyre only good while drunk or fresh but as soon as it hits a 30 min mark boom straight to the trash

Wendy's all the way! Too salty, not fresh! Go to Wendy's, they have the fries!!! Dip em in a frosty and you're all set to go!

Does not decompose. I find it super concerning that you can loose one of these fries under your car seat and find it a year later and it is still in the same condition. Fried in animal fat

McD's Fries are not Vegan/Vegetarian friendly This is not a positive review for those of you who do not eat meat products. I have been a vegetarian for about 9 years now and still went to McD's because they had fries and fries are potatoes, right? However after consuming who knows how many pounds of them, I found out that one of the ingredients is Beef Flavoring which comes from cow bones. Since then, I am fries-free; but I was/am awfully mad at McD's for not being truthful.

Want fresh fries? As as ex department manager for McDonald's as well as a customer of McDonald's, I would not reccomend getting these fries unless you ask for no salt and apply salt yourself at home or in the vehicle. For one, the fries and not garunteed fresh unless the McDonald's is busy, seeing as they do not like to waste food within proper time limits and secondly, the amount of salt put on the fries is just too much to be tasty or healthy. Take the time to apply your own salt and you will get fresh fries (and you will thank me)!

Not the same! so. I used to be a McDonald's French Fry Lover. Not anymore. The fries are no longer the same size or taste the same. They are hard and as soon as they come out of the grease, you had better be eating them. The fries taste processed and not as fresh as they used to taste. What is going on??? I do not eat them anymore.

Not the same as before Before they changed their recipe they had the best french fries but now, you have to get the fresh and hot out of the fryer. If you don't they are terrible.

not for vegetarians Before I became a vegetarian, these were my favorite fries to eat. When I became a vegetarian I discovered that I couldn't eat them, they are fried in animal fat

Downhill from here I liked them when I was a child. The only reason to eat such unhealthy food like this is the taste. Now, however, it doesn't even have that going for it. I will eat on VERY rare occasions, but only about 10 at a time before I remember they are simply not worth the calories!

Sometimes good, sometimes not Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are horrible. Most of the time when I get fries from here they are either extremely greasy or cold. If it is busy they are greasy. If they are not busy they are icy cold. On occassion when they are freshly cooked the right way, they taste great. It's really hit or miss here.

Not the best but not the worst It really depends on the location you go to, hit or miss. They're good fresh and lightly salted. I'd much rather other fast food chain fries 🍟 but McDonald's doesn't do too bad (if they aren't stale and cold)

Good on Good days Good when they have the right amount of salt and they are fresh. They are my fave if I get them on a good day being fresh and having salt.

Good snack These defentaily aren't healthy for you but i love dipping them in honey mustard!

McDonald's french fries are the gold standard if you are lucky enough to get them fresh. Mostly, I get fries that are cool, greasy and pasted with salt. There must be some secret method to get them perfect.