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  • rozy71 By  rozy71    

    Smooth pearlly love

    I love this! It moisturizes your lips and also gives them a nice, glossy color. And enough options in colors

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  • paulapenn By  paulapenn    

    Burt's Bee's tinted lip balm

    I have these in several colors and I love them. The color is subtle and it just looks nice. It makes my lips feel good, much better and they just look healthier too.

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  • summergirl007 By  summergirl007    

    Best tinted lip balm!

    I adore this tinted lip balm! I actually like it better than lipstick. I have pink blossom and it's quite pigmented for one of the lighter shades in the range. It's hydrating, lasts a good amount of time for a lip balm, has great ingredients and is cruelty free. What more could I ask for. I want to try out the shade Zinnia next which looks more nude.

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  • stacy001 By  stacy001    

    I Love Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm!💋

    I love this Lip Balm because it?s made with all-natural ingredients, comes in many colors that last all day, softens & keeps my lips smooth and perfect for keeping my lips moisturized this summer!🏝🌊

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  • stef42678 By  stef42678    

    Great for Lips

    This is my favorite new lip product! I love that it is made with natural ingredients and the color lasts all day. It softens and smooths my lips and gives them a great look. This is my new favorite product to keep my lips moisturized during summer!

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  • leighann83 By  leighann83    


    This is absolutely the best Burt's Bee's chapstick I have ever used. It adds a little tint while still giving me the same benefits as the regular chapstick.#shespeaks#burtsbees

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  • DanielleRayborn77 By  DanielleRayborn77    

    This is a great lip balm, very hydrating, not sticky and bonus points for being a cruelty free brand!

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  • superbutt By  superbutt    


    Love this balm! So hydrating with the perfect amount of tint

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  • slw008 By  slw008    

    Burt Beesre a must have staple.

    #summerspeaks #SheSpeaks #burtbees is my go to lip balm! I love all the different tints & shades available so I can wear this as a replacement for my lipstick and nurious my lips at the same time. WIN - WIN!!

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  • izzy04 By  izzy04    

    It?s okay

    This isn?t amazing or terrible. I think it?s simply okay. I enjoy the amount of pigment you get from these. The colors aren?t my favorite. I think the formula could be improved.

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  • Retiredprincipal By  Retiredprincipal    

    Love this product

    I have been through three or four of these lip balms. They provide great color and great moisturizing.

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  • OhEmGee By  OhEmGee    

    I'm a fan!

    Burt's Bees has been my go to whenever I want to just go out without much makeup, it feels natural wearing 'em! This product gives me both moisture and color that is just as au naturelle! Love it :)

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  • themomtip By  themomtip    

    Lip tint and moisturizer.

    Best of both worlds. Moisture and tint. But I find that it feels a little drying when putting it on. But eventually, it does moisturize your lips.

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  • nikkicapotosto By  nikkicapotosto    

    Lipstick and Chapstick all in One

    I really enjoyed this product due to the fact that I got my relieving feeling of chapstick along with a nice tint of color to brighten up my lips. This chapstick goes on so smoothly and gives you immediate relief. I strongly recommend this product

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  • Albrey By  Albrey    

    Burys Bee softens you lips with a beautiful tint giving you a soft and sexy feel on your lips.

    Burt's Bee had perfected lip care by combining a lip care product and tinting it. Now you are able to never miss having your lips at their best by having tinted lips while you are softening them. Tithe texture is soft and silky and it glides on you lips butter leaving your lips feeling soft and pretty. I keep one in my purse. Car, makeup drawer and night stand. I love and use this product daily.

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