L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Day Cream SPF 18

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Day Cream SPF 18

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When I first put the cream on I felt a slight burning feeling. It started to feel uncomfortable so I washed it off and put on my normal moisturizer. The burning stopped but I did get an irritated itchy/ burning spot for a day. I think something in the ingredients did not agree with my skin.

The best anti-aging product is sunscreen that blocks BOTH UVA and UVB rays. As far as I can tell from the ingredients, this product does NOT contain a quality UVA blocker.

Whatever this product was supposed to do, it didn't. The product is too fragrant, and would be better if it was a lighter scent, or fragrance free. I did not notice that it did anything at all, except make my face look like it was sweating. I wear foundation and powder every day, and have used other moisturizers without changing the appearance of my makeup. This was the first product I have ever uses that made my face look like it was sweating, even though I used powder. To expect someone to reapply this product every two hours is unreasonable.

I wasn't a fan of this product. First off the floral fragrance is so strong that it's almost overwhelming. After deciding to use it anyway, I applied the cream on my face and it did help with dryness as I have dry skin on my cheeks, so that was good. I didn't notice any difference in my skin tone or reduction in wrinkles after using it for a month but I did notice that my skin was a bit more irritated and red than it had been previously, so I won't be using the product anymore and can't really recommend it, especially for people who might have sensitive skin.

I used this product for 4 weeks and noticed no difference in my skin. The sunscreen did work.

This wasn't for me. I have oily/acne prone skin and this only seemed to make it worse. I think this would be good for normal to dry skin. After a few days I started to break out. I stopped using it for a few days and then tried again, same break out issue. It felt nice going on and smells nice, but this wasn't made for acne prone skin.

I have been using the Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle firming day cream since it arrived, twice a day. It is a thick cream, which I found to be too thick to use under a BB/CC cream, or regular foundation. It did, however, work well under my mineral powder loose foundation, so that is what I used during the trial. I think it would be great during the dry weather of winter, as opposed to the heat and humidity of summer. It works well as a moisturizer, but even after using it for the whole trial, I do not see any difference in the firmness of my skin, or fine lines, which was disappointing. The scent is also a little heavy for day time use on the face.

I have tried this product and can say I haven't noticed any difference. When I put it on, I could feel it on my skin all day. As far as firming and reducing wrinkles, I noticed no difference at all. I didn't like the smell of the cream, unscented products would be better. I'm glad I had the opportunity to try this product. However it is not something I would purchase.

I was not able to successfully use this product as I tend to have very touchy skin when it comes to moisturizers. I break out with many products and this was one of them. I tried it 2 separate times about a week apart and just couldn't sick with it. I was sad this was the case as I was very happy with the ingredients and the reputation of the company. I also think the price is reasonable and love that it has spf protection. I hope some day to figure out if there is a certain ingredient that causes my issues but have yet to narrow it down.

It was a nice thick cream which I love but unfortunately after a week of trying to use it. It burned my skin so I stopped using it. I was disappointed.

I always appreciate a face lotion with a notable SPF, but this one fell short in a few other ways. I didn't like the scent of the lotion and it had a slightly harsh feel to it. I didn't notice any improvement in skin firmness, but I don't suffer too badly from wrinkles. It did leave my skin feeling very silky smooth which was nice, but I wouldn't buy it just for that

I have been using the Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle firming day cream since it arrived. The cream was very thick, thicker than I would have chosen. I felt like the cream was a bit heavy for my taste. The cream made my face greasy feeling especially with the heat of the summer this year. I might find this to be better during the winter time when my skin is a bit drier. I did not see any difference in the firmness of my skin, or fine lines. The scent is also stronger than I like, it did die down with time though.

I usually love L'oreal products. This one is a let down. The cream is so thick and left a shine on my face. So much so that I felt like I needed to wear makeup just to help tone down the shine. I did not notice any firmness to my skin after using it daily for the 4 weeks. I did however notice that my face broke out more than usual, in spots that it normally doesn't. The only difference was the cream so I have to believe it was the cause.

I cannot tell a difference in my skin at all. This seems to be the end result with every face product that I try. I do like that it is creamy and smooth to put on. The scent is horrible. It smells to much like sunscreen. Isn't there a way to have sunscreen in a day cream w/o that smell? I did notice that my face is shinier when using it so I did have to use a face powder over it. I would much rather use what I normally use during the day, Loreal Advanced Suncare BB tinted with SPF50. I will start using the Revitalift again in the cooler months ahead when a thicker cream is necessary.

The cream though moisturizing did not live up to its "lift" or "firm," I have other creams that do a better job. I do like that it had an SPF for daytime wear. This would be an ideal cream for the fall/winter, its a little thick for the summer. Do not apply it if your pores are open after a warm shower or a heavy workout, it stings a little.