Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

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Too much , I recently bought a dark brown waterproof eyeliner and it easily beats this , too much money for what other cheap brands can also provide.

ok product I do like this product. It does come with a lot of product and lasts much longer than the brow wiz does. In my opinion the brow wiz makes your brows look much more natural than the pomade does. It is an ok product

I was comparing the dip brow to the eyebrow pencil (not the brow wiz, the actual pencil) and I chose the pencil over the dip brow. The dip brow does last quite awhile, but it also dries out. The pencil lasts awhile as well, but I didnt have to worry about my pencil drying out because you had to sharpen it every time the color was running low.

I have this product three star because it a fairly good product but has a habit of getting very messy. I have used several kinds of dip down and this one is way to soft. You have to be extra careful or you will have those outrageous eyebrows. I still prefer Macs dip down. However anatasia dip down is creamy and blends well with natural brows.

Eyebrows on Fleek The Product retails for about $20, you may find it at Sephora or Ulta, when you apply the product it is a little difficult to blend only because it is waterproof, but considering that it is waterproof it is amazing. The most popular color is "Ebony" and "Dark Brown". Those are the shades for dark hair people. It last all day, sleep with it and you will still have eyebrows, the color range is very impressive so you will not feel left out.

I really enjoy the dipbrow formula, its always neck and neck with Benefit's kabrow for me. Which one I prefer always ends up going down to what colour my hair is, as ABH has much warmer shades and only one or two cool tones. The product lasts quite a long time and gives good pigment with just a little bit on the brush. I wouldn't recommend for beginners, shaping eyebrows by hand with a brush is more challenging than using a pencil. Good value for the price as I go through this Way slower than other brow products. I've used up about 3 brow wiz pencils in the time it took me to put a noticeable dent in the middle of the pomade pot.

This product is WONDERFUL. A little goes a long way. It lasts for a good amount of time. Also, you can control how light or dark you want to fill-in your brows. You don't have to worry about trying to get it to look good without trying hard.

Awesome for eyebrows. Very pigmented and glides on. It's a bit pricey (NYX has a dupe for it that's just as good) but it stays on all day.

Hands down one of the best eyebrow products I've ever used, it looks natural and it's very easy to work with and it also lasts all day! It's worth the investment! Absolutely recommend this!

Great but could be better This is the best eyebrow product I've used but my problem is that it drys out and I have to get it wet for it to go on well. The color is rich and it stays on for awhile.

These dipbrow pomade are great, it glinds on smoothly. But you have to always make sure to close them after use. Cause they do tend to dry up. Also they are a bit pricey. But other than that it's good.

A little goes a long way. One pot will last forever. Will need to purchase a brush as well. They have a recommended brush that runs about $25, duel ended angle brush and spoolie.

love this to fill in my brows. i have fuller brows so it fills the little sparse areas nicely and make them a little more sharp and put together

I've got brows now! Prior to buying this product, i would buy brow pencils such as benefits instant brow pencil, elf eyebrow kit and i was not loving the look. I went to my local Sephora and was overwhelmed with the amount of options. I had to fix this problem so I called my teenage niece and she suggested the Dipbrow. Wow. Who would've thought that teens knew so much? I was wowed with the way it easily applied and for the price it really is a steal.

Worth it I got this in "Medium Brown" and I love it. Before this I was using Shiseido's brow powder, and then tried Salon Perfect's brow pomade before I transitioned to this product which is my favorite so far. It is highly pigmented so a little bit goes a long way!