CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

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Makes my lip dry. I have to wet a towel with soap to get the stain off my lips.

Horrible! It made my lips very dry. The color did last a long time, but not worth it.

I did not like the stickiness of the lip gloss. I found that it dried out my lips rather than making them feel moist. I like the color and the idea of the product, but would not buy it as it is now.

I wish we had been able to choose which products we wanted to try and review, or colors. Some of the items just did not apply to us. This color on the colored in was so mute, I could not tell I was wearing anything. I like some color if I am going to use lipstick. When I went to brush the clearcoat on my lips, it did not show up either and was uncomfortable to use/brush because of the texture left on my lips by the color end. So not shiny, not colorful, just blah. Why wear anything at all? Maybe next time let folks choose what they want to try, especially if it is a color. I cannot do anything with this but throw it in the trash and that is a waste. Maybe someone else would have really loved it instead.

This product made my lips feel sticky! I need something smooth and it didn't seem to last long

This was ok. I wasn't a fan of the light apricot shade they sent me, and I felt it dried my lips out as well. Sorry Cover Girl.

left my lips feeling funny

I'm sort of a lip gloss junkie, so I was excited to see this in my box. It's a pretty color, great for spring. I had high hopes - BUT, once I tried it, I couldn't wait to get it off. To start with, the color itself didn't glide on and smooth out nicely. I thought the clear gloss would help it, but boy was I wrong. The clear gloss is like shellac and my lips felt like a 6th grade decoupage project. It hardened up and immediately pulled out any moisture from lips. I can see why they market it as long wearing lip gloss. I had to use make up remover and then my Bite lip exfoliant to get it off. I consider myself lucky to have had that Bite product in my arsenal, because otherwise I would have had to use one of those Magic Erasers to get it off. Well, I guess you win some and lose some - and since I didn't have to pay for it, I can't really complain too, too much. Still, this is going in the trash!

I was really surprised when I tried this product, I normally love anything Cover Girl, the color was very pretty however when I put it on it instantly dried and when I went to lick my lips it felt caked on and brittle this made my lips look and feel so much older I would not buy this nor will I recommend this to anyone it is too dry and sticky.

The color was neutral and with the gloss was really pretty, however I could not get used how dry my lips felt after the shine was gone. The shine did not last very long and there was a left over film that felt like cement. Love Cover Girl but not this product.

Color blended into my lips, did not look like I was wearing anything. Clear part did not rub on well felt like it was getting caught on my lips after putting on the color part. Also clear part did not make my lips look shiny at all. Maybe a different color would have atleast been good for the color part even if clear part did not work for me.

The shine was beautiful, but it lasted for about 30 minutes before it became dry, sticky and rubbery on my lips, it felt like a film on my lips, does not stay on.

I did not like this at ALL!! it felt cakey on my lips. I tried using them separetely, that did not work either. Sorry but I didn't like the color

I hate to say this, but I really disliked this product. The color was barely noticeable and the shine wore off really fast, plus it felt sticky on my lips. I would not buy this in stores. sorry, being honest.

Was excited to try this but it disappointed did not last long at all. As another reviewer stated it flaked off and felt icky on my lips