CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine

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I love this lipshine. Works great and lasts for a while. I love the colors.

Must say I love how long this really does last. I dont have to apply it all the time like most lipsticks or other "like" products. The sheerly nude color is great. I'm not a very tan person *pretty pale* and it still went well with my skin tone. I've bought covergirl outlast before, but I must say this one is my favorite over all.

I love it. so good and it last longer. shines and well moisturized skin. Love the color. Not sticky like other lip color.

It's the exact same shade as my natural lip color with a shade darker. I love the 295 shade I recieved in my p&g sample kit I used to use cover girl when I was in high school. It's like reuniting with a old love. I also love how long it last as well as the shine factor. one thing negative I would say is the color after a while goes into the clear part and I'm left with a stick that's not clear. wonder if there's a way to fix that. but that don't stop me from giving it 5 stars. I also raved to my friends about this. thanks shespeaks.

I remember when Cover Girl came out with an outlast long-lasting lipstick 10 years ago! I used it for prom and the color began flaking off after dinner. I tried this new product for the first time today - going in as a skeptic. I put it on in the morning on my way out to run a whole bunch of errands with my kids. The color was not annoying, which helped when the gloss magnified the color with shine. I looked normal, not too made up and cakey. The color went on smooth, the gloss didn't feel disgustingly sticky. The gloss wore off later on as I was running errands, which is fine as I'm not a huge gloss fan anyway. At dinner time (after I forgot all about the lipcolor), I remembered as I was wiping my mouth that I had applied this product about 8 hours prior. It was still on, not flaking off, and my lips were not chapped. I highly recommend this product to those who have chapped lips and cannot remember to carry around or reapply lip products.

I love this product. It leave your lips cool and feel soft. The color lasts along time on your lips!

I love this lipshine. Works great and lasts for A while longer then most. I love the colors.

I love that it had double sided lipshine. Love the color and how nice my lip looked.great product.

I love the way this made my lips feel. The color was awesome and it made my lips look really pretty.

love the shade, and im not much of lip color person, but i love this and how soft my lips felt

I loved the color, perfect for summer. The formula was smooth, creamy, and not sticky. My lips looked great, not too much color and the perfect amount of shine. It dried quickly and wore very well. I don't love two step lip color, but the lasting results with no need to reapply are worth it!

This was the perfect color for me, especially for spring and summer. Loved this product and how it made my lips shimmer with excitement. Friends complimented the color and look of my lips too!

Lovely color, not sticky. Long lasting

I must say my daughter and I argued over this one on who was going to get it, but we wound up sharing LOL I loved the color, and it made my lips look great, felt great on and its not called Outlast double shine for no reason. It lasts and it shines! Love it!

As a mommy of 5 I really hadn't bothered with make-up and all that for the past few years but just a few months ago I decided it was time to take the time and do my make up and hair on most days. I really love this lip shine and made my lips look pretty. It comes in great colors too.