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Im bot really into this show im more of a Criminal Minds girl this show just keeps going and running out of ideas.

I loved this show when it first started. Both my husband and myself watched it every week. I lost interest in it, but my husband kept on watching every week. He says it is getting more interesting, but I have never gone back to it.

Interesting watch, I like it when they have more personal shows and not just a dead marine.

Quirky The characters are interesting and relatable. Similar to other crime shows that are available. The characters are what kept me watching. Not the cases that they were trying to solve.

From great to meh This used to be one of my favorite shows to watch and many characters have come and gone over the years. It was hard though when Abby's character left. The whole dynamic of the show changed and it's just not as enjoyable anymore.

NCIS Changes I have always loved NCIS as well as Mark Harmon. However the show has taken quite a change with many of my favorites leaving. It now is almost boring. I guess it is true that after many years it may be time to move on. Still love all the actors including those who have left.

Redundant Plot, but fun! Great show! There is a lot of character growths as you watch the series. The plot can get redundant, but it is entertaining nonetheless.

I've seen every episode and I love it but the newer ones aren't the same. The plots seem repeated and tired. I still love watching the reruns though!!

Great characters with lots of intense interaction and something new to experience with every episode.

This is a good show. Been watching it for years. Love the characters

I have watched this show from the beginning. It is starting to loose my attention because the plots are getting boring. Mark Harmon is great!

I really enjoy this show...have watched it for several years now....

My husband and I love this show. It is amongst the top 10 shows ever that we tune in. All of the characters are interesting and the show would not be the same without one of them. The writers know what to do to keep your interest.

A series with humour one of the best series ever!! Mark Harmon is just adorable ! a series with humour and mystery!

This show is great, funny and intreaging. Really took a turn thios season wasn't expecting-Thats why I love this show--you just never know!!