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  • Crystalwill By  Crystalwill    

    Pump it up!

    Love this pump. Being first time mom, and nursing this pump is everything! Not loud and very easy to use.

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  • Lilybug24 By  Lilybug24    

    Good pump

    Good basic pump. Wasnt able to breastfeed but this helped to ease pain

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  • morgueofmelissa By  morgueofmelissa    

    3 stars because this pump was good in a pinch since it can run on batteries and work well for traveling. Otherwise, this pump has a very weak pull to it even when plugged in and doesn't really get a good let down on your breasts. You can't return breast pumps so you are out what you spend but it was rather inexpensive and I can tell why!

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  • Yazmara By  Yazmara    

    Good pump

    Good pump I need one asap and went to the store and grab this one, works well

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  • sunnibreanne By  sunnibreanne    

    As far as single pumps go this one is only okay. The motor seemed weak, struggled and left me needing to hand express. The worst part about pumps is you can't return them no matter how much you don't like it. There are much better options out there.

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  • KMandeville By  KMandeville    

    This is a great pump if you are a stay at home home or just pumping in between feeds. However, if you are exclusively pumping or going back to work I would spring for a bigger model that can handle more power and possibly pump faster.

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  • mrsbuckingham By  mrsbuckingham    

    I hadproblms nursing my daughter so I bought this pump. I absolutely loved it. I ended up using the same pump with my son also. It is inexpensive but the quality is great for the price. It is easy to get apart to clean. The only thing I could find to pick about it is the fact that it is really loud. I would pump at night and wake my husband up.

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  • angiebj84 By  angiebj84    

    This is a good pump for up to like three uses a day. I used it at work. It's comfortable and pumped a nice amount of milk.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    It's a ok pump! It's too slow. Don't buy it if you dont have time to waste!

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  • DaniBear3 By  DaniBear3    

    I wasn't to excited with this pump, I think I like the manual ones better for on the go like that.

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  • sulma100 By  sulma100    

    I love this pump, best one I've ever used and its super affordable.

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  • nunialtam By  nunialtam    

    I have purchased this breast pump 3 times already, once for myself and twice as gifts. It is the best single pump I have found, and the price is fantastic. If you are looking for a cost friendly, durable and compact pump then this is the one for you!

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  • cassandra575 By  cassandra575    

    I think this is one of the best pumps I have ever used, it worked gret.

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  • MegBrek By  MegBrek    

    very easy to use, not expensive

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  • mommyof4princesses By  mommyof4princesses    

    I own a very expensive pump but went on vacation and forgot it (OOPS)! I ended up buying this one on a whim and was so impressed with it!! It now stays in my car so I wont have to go pumpless again!

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