Evenflo Walk Through Baby Gate

Evenflo Walk Through Baby Gate

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good items Its good items to use for babies and also for pets

Doesn't dent walls like other baby gates!! Great price. Favorite part of this product is that it doesn't dent walls in my apartment like other baby gates!

Worth every cent This has been the best gate we've ever had. I l I've that it's a walk through. My girls aren't too happy with the fact that they can't open it (also another thing that I absolutely love) and get into my kitchen.

Kid and pet friendly! Perfect for kids and pets! Super user friendly (for adults)

Best gate out there. I couldn't afford this baby gate when I had my son because I was a single mother and I found a lady selling this baby gate it was so easy to put up and keeps my son from bothering the dog. I love this gate it's so easy to open and use unlike the old wooden gates.

Keeping Kids/Pets Safe I've used The Evenflo Baby Gate for years to keep my babies/puppy safe. These gates provide peace of mind knowing that when my babies were crawling, I didn't have to worry about them unexpectedly ending up at the top of the stairs! Worth the investment because they last for years.

Perfect for kids and pets! This gate is easy to assemble and being able to open it with one hand is a game changer! Right now, our grandson isn't mobile enough to worry about it for him, but it has been awesome to keep dogs out of rooms that we don't want them in! You really can't go wrong with Evenflo products.

Great product! This baby gate works great. We have had it for 6 years through both of our kids and it still works perfect and looks great. It has a clean look. It has an extender to fit in most stairways. It has a red/green lock button so you know that it is locked. And it is easy enough to open but not to easy for a child to figure out.

Nomore headache s I've got 5 kids and I tried the gates without the easy walkthrough doors and it is just a pain stepping over it and someone is bound to fall and trip more than once a day so the gate that easily opens for adults and young children is another less headache in my household.

Wonderful gate for any family I love this Evenflo baby gate! It is very sturdy and holds up well even to the oldest of toddlers going well into their 50's. (Yes, even adults struggle with it) As long as you know what you are doing, this gate is a breeze! It is easy to install and use. Perfect for kids or even pets!

One of the best gates I've spent money on! Worth every dollar..it's durable and works better than the old wooden gates from my childhood.

Multi use I use this for my dog at the moment but will be using it for my baby when she's older

Best baby gate! We have 2 of them and it is more challenging to get open than some but that's the point, right?! My daughter can not get it open.

The Evenflo Baby Gate is a good product for crawling babies but once my kids were old enough to stand and walk, they learned how to manipulate the lock mechanism and get the gate open. If using the extension, it's really easy for kids to just jiggle the gate and it all falls apart. My husband and I tried multiple ways to get the gate to stay in place but it would always just fall apart when our little one would jiggle it. We now have it blocking a doorway that we don't need the extension with and it's holding up much better.

My step daughter was always running her scoot around cars into our cheap baby gates and knocking it down. I'm always getting stuck in my friends baby gates because they get jammed shut, but I have gotten good at using this one with only one hand. I'm shot so having a baby gate that doesn't have a door like this one was terrible I had to practically jump over them. Yes this product is a little more expensive but it is so worth it.