CBS 2 Broke Girls

CBS 2 Broke Girls

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I tried to watch this, but it was hard to get through. I didn't laugh once. So unfunny!

I dont like this show, the girls look dirty, they arent funny, its dumb, i wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

This show is horrible. It's not funny or even good. Pass on it.

Tried to watch but couldn't go past the 3rd episode. So silly, , but bad silly, no fun and really without message.

funny but not all that great

I loved this show when it first started. Then, I just started not looking forward to watching it. The stories just are so predictable. The characters have just gotten silly. I really don't care if I miss it or not. In fact, I miss it more than watch it.

I like the cheap laugh as much as the next person, but "Two Broke Girls" relies too heavily on them. Predictable story lines, annoying characters, just not funny.

These broke girls, BROKE the show, it use to be funny at the very beginning but I guess they ran out of ideas because now I just feel sorry for them. I can see how fake and cheap they say things and not funny but rather ridiculous ��

I used to watch the show but it became a little too forced. They sometimes try so hard for the laugh that it isn't funny. Also very predicatble.

This show is ok. It provides something to watch when nothing else is on. Its not hilarious but can be entertaining.Sometimes I actually look forward to watching it

Ehh I starated out really liking this show. Now it's just cheesy one liners. I like the characters though so I still watch sometimes. It's not a show that I have to watch though.

2 Broke Girls I like 2 broke girls as it is quite a funny show but it's not as funny as it used to be. The earlier seasons were more comedic. I love Max but Caroline is actually really annoying as is Sophie. Also they need fresh ideas for the show. I do like it though and watch it with my husband.

This show started off great but it is not as good as it used to be. Sometimes there is a little to much sexual content that doesn't need to be there.

The canned laughter ruins the show. I would watch regularly otherwise.

Max makes the show This show has me rolling with Max's witty sarcasm although Caroline often falls flat it's worth the watch. They need to move past current cupcake shop failure them lately.