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I have naturally red hair so it's got a coarse texture. I normally use Dove shampoo & conditioner and will continue to do so because the Clear Scalp system did not make my hair shiny, soft, or healthier. In fact, after using the Clear system for 2 weeks now my hair is very frizzy, drier than it was with Dove, and neither silky nor soft. In fact, the ends feel crispy- I'm going to have to go get a trim early now.

I have never had my hair feel this bad after washing.

I generally buy high-end hair products, but I do have a few holy grail cheap drugstore products that I love, so I was really hoping to find some more to add to the collection. The smell is great; fresh and slightly feminine. It also lated much longer than the scent of most other condtioners. Unfortunately this is the most positive thing I can say about it. It was nice and creamy, but left the feeling of a lot fo buildup. I like a condtioner that will nourish, but doesn't leave the hair feeling weighted down. I also noticed that it didn't do so well making the frizzies around my face calm down, though it did pretty well on my ends. Hair around my face is much finer. I used this with my usual heat protector to make sure that no additional styling products would effect how it makes me hair. It was pretty flat without the usual volume and movement. My hair was somewhat dull and looked greasy on top much sooner than it usually does. On the plus side, my hair felt very soft, but this wasn't enough to make up for the overall lackluster appearance. I tried this several times just wanting to like it because of the clever packagining, scent, and who doesn't love a cheap, great conditioner? This just wasn't for me, and I can't say I would suggest it to anyone based on my experience.

This conditoner was waaay to heavy for my fine hair, however I did love the shampoo. So after a little testing and experimentation, I found that the Total Care shampoo when used in combination with my Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher conditioner, gave me amazing hair!!!!! My hair has never looked or felt better! Something in the combination of these 2 products just really works for me!

The smell was very nice. However, it made my hair feel too heavy. It was to heavy for my fine hair

I would not recommend this to anyone. I was very excited to be able to try a new product and had high hopes that it would be good. upon the first wash I was very disappointed. It left my hair very weighed down and greasy feeling even after blow drying my hair. I thought maybe I had forgotten to rinse it out completely (which I had done in the past but I'm sure I did here) so I gave it a few more tries paying close attention to how I applied and rinsed each time. Every time my hair was gross feeling in certain places and light and bouncy in others. By the end of each day my hair was more oily than ever. This conditioner just isn't for me.

I have lots of natural, corkscrew curls, and this conditioner was AWFUL for my hair. I wanted to love it as much as I love the shampoo, but I just couldn't. It made my hair feel SO weighted it had "gunk" in it, for lack of a more sophisticated word. My hair was frizzy and gross feeling from the moment I got out of the shower. After my hair dried it was even worse. I know it's the conditioner because I used the shampoo alone for several days and had no issues at all with frizz. To be fair, many conditioners make my hair frizzy so I don't use them generally, but this one in particular left my hair in a horrible state. I will NEVER use the conditioner again. My curls can't handle it.

Smell is too strong. Gives me a headache. Won't be using it again.

The smell of this product was nice, but that's really the only nice thing I have to say about it. It made my hair feel greasy and like there was a film on it. I tried it several times just to make sure it wasn't a fluke or I didn't rinse well enough or something, but it was the same every time. Would never buy this or recommend it to anyone.

It is is way to heavy for my hair. It had a nice smell and i really wanted to like it. I tend not to use conditioner as a rule because it weighs my hair down and in the end it looks greasy. I think for the right person this would be great. Would i recommend it for someone with hair like mine, NO. I would recommend it for someone with hair like my sisters who needs that heavy conditioner

never got

Does nothing for my hair. Although it has a nice scent it doesn't do anything else and I feel it makes my hair oily and grimy.

The conditioner made my hair less manageable then my normal conditioner - my hair was harder to come through, more difficult to blow dry straight, and not as soft.

This has to be the slimest conditioner there is (it's even slimer than the stuff you get to put on your hair at the end when you color it). I have fine, limp hair and rarely use conditioner. What I need from a conditioner is a light formula that volumizes. This made my hair look dirty. I will not be buying it.

I don't know if it's because I live in humid Seattle or not... But I really don't like this conditioner. While the smell is nice and light, and the texture smooth, it never feels like it completely rinses out of my hair. I can get the water nearly scalding and only use about a dime-sized amount, and it's still weighing down my hair. I tried it again this morning and wish I had a hat to wear to work. My hair looks like I haven't washed it at all because this stuff is built up on it. I'll be doing a vinegar rinse tonight when I get home. Sad, since the shampoo works just fine.