Nintendo Wii Just Dance 3

Nintendo Wii Just Dance 3

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This is a fun interactive game that the whole family can play. I am a 33 year old mom, with a 15 year old and 10 year old. I have even seen my husband (persuaded by my daughters) to dance. Lots of giggles and exercise, but you can slow down and just do arm motions if needed. Great game.

I love this game. My husband and I have played it with adults and kids. It is also a good workout.

Lots of new dances and great for parties.

I love t Just Dance 3. I often start out thinking I will do one or two dances with the kids and wind up dancing for over an hour.

Very fun has lots of great songs, mash-ups, duets. It is great to play at parties or for a fun exercise routine.

It is my favorite to exercise. It is a good helper

There are some well-known songs on this game, and overall it is a pretty fun game to play with friends or family. You could take it very seriously as well as being as silly as you want with it. It is a good way to get active even though it is a "video game". I love the Just Dance games.

This is a fun and good exercising game ! I play this a lot when I was younger! You get to have fun with your friends or family!

This is a really fun game, with a lot of songs (most of them good) to dance to. My 4 year old can do them with me. The only drawback, the graphics aren't that good. I would rather have real people like Just Dance Kids 2. Overall though, it's a great game!

This game is so much fun. We bought it thinking the kids would like it, but we play it as much or more than them. The songs are great and most of the moves are pretty easy. You are burning calories but it feels like you are just playing. With that said you will feel it the next day and know that you have done something good. We laugh and everyone enjoys themselves while playing this game.

Im new to the WII but this game....sucked. You pick a song, and try to match the motions. Or u can just swirl the controller and it says "good".... Yes, if you try to match every motion, its a good workout.