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  • Mhanna416 By  Mhanna416    

    Love this facial cleanser. It gently cleanses the skin to leave it soft and clean and ready for your next skincare step

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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    Neutrogena Naturals

    I have very sensitive skin and I am a huge fan of Neutrogena! I like using natural products and this works great. Keeping it simple to remove makeup and face wash is just what I look for. Fresh and clean keeps my skin healthy and looking good!

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  • JSHedge By  JSHedge    

    This cleanser just couldn't keep up with my oily face. It often left my face feeling like it had the ghost of a residue on it, which I've experienced with a few other basic Neutrogena cleansers. I gave up on it when, after washing my face with it, I went over my face with a makeup removal cloth and found traces of makeup still present. Won't purchase it again. It did smell fantastic, though.

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  • e_collins64 By  e_collins64    

    Left my face dry, but it did its job.

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  • lilmrshaynes By  lilmrshaynes    

    My favorite face cleanser. I use it daily. I used to use something else, and when I got pregnant I was looking for something with fewer chemicals. I've been using this ever since and don't ever plan to switch. You only need one pump for your whole face, it lasts a very long time, and it gets the job done. I've had much fewer breakouts since using this product.

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  • Dhawks By  Dhawks    

    I thought it removed makeup ok. But I was not impressed. The formula did not smell good and I did not enjoy it.

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  • brookehenry15 By  brookehenry15    

    It felt like it cleaned my face well, but as far as the noticing a difference in my blemishes, couldn't tell.

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  • Racher4 By  Racher4    

    I had a terrible experience with this product. My face and neck broke out in a rash that did not go away for 3 days! Will not be using this again. Hope this doesnt happen to any one else.

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  • HOLLWOod2222 By  HOLLWOod2222    

    My favorite face wash! I went from an expensive brand (I can't even think of the name right now) and this caught my eye while I was at Target. The neutral packaging is what I noticed first, followed by "naturals." I really appreciate the fact that brands are taking notice of the fact that their consumers don't want all the poison and extra junk in their products. Anway, I noticed a difference in softness after my first use. Soft skin, no tightness at all. Not to mention this removes waterproof eye make up better than anything else I've ever used! Even my eye-make up remover. Love love love, Neutrogena knows what their customers want.

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  • lilyblossom By  lilyblossom    

    Amazing feeling and my skin tone is more even and radiant. I was going to buy Clarisonic brush thing but they are like 160 and the expense of changing the heads every 3 months. This works just as well and is very gentle and good for your skin.

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  • MommyD784 By  MommyD784    

    This is my fave face wash by far! I have used so many different brands in the past but I am never quite happy with them. This one does everything, and it's very affordable! It completely washes off all of my makeup, is gentle and hydrating, doesn't leave a weird film on my face (like many others do), and it smells really good- I think it smells like apples!

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  • Lefleur212 By  Lefleur212    

    Best make up cleaner ever. Its natural and it effortless removes all make up even waterproof mascara.

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  • Menkus By  Menkus    

    This has been my cleanser since it came out. I have oily, yet sensitive skin and this works fantastic at removing dirt, oil and makeup (even mascara) without over drying or irritating my skin or eyes.

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  • im26e4u04 By  im26e4u04    

    i would love to try this!

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  • Quetta By  Quetta    

    It burns!! Is not for someone with sensitive skin !

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