CBS How I Met Your Mother

CBS How I Met Your Mother

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Barney is a total turn off. He is the main reason I do not watch the show. My hubby likes it, but I cannot get past how disrespectful he is and others around him think it is funny. It is not funny and not worth my time.


This show is funny, but the story line is getting REALLY old! If it wasn't for Barney I would have stopped watching it a long time ago.

drags on

Lets meet the mother already.

Loved the older seasons, the newer ones are not as good, but still one of my favorite shows.

Very funny show!!

Sadly the show seems to be dragging a bit more this last year or so however all in all it is a smart and well driven series that I have truly Laughed Out Loud at. It follows the lives of 5 friends, all of whom are hilarious, but the truly stand out actor in the series is Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson-TRULY HIS BEST ROLE EVER-well maybe except from Harold and Kumar-lol

Its funny i really enjoy watching this show, its funny how he never says whos the mother.

Loved this show. The chemistry between the actors was wonderful and their comedic timing was perfect!

I love all the ongoing jokes and catchphrases. I didn't really like the Robin/Barney storyline towards the later seasons but overall the show is fun to watch.

Good to watch when there is nothing else on. Interesting characters each with a story of their own

I am not typically interested in sitcoms. I prefer dramas and sci-fi. I started watching HIMYM on Netflix a few months ago and finished watching all available episodes a few weeks ago. I really enjoy it. The cast drives the show with their performances and the writing is well done. I'm a 35-year-old mom and wife. This show particularly appeals to me because it's an older person reminiscing about his 20's and trying to understand how he got from where he was to where he is.

Funny! My husband is to thank for becoming a fan of this show! It's so funny, lessons learned, relate able, and did I say funny?! The only downfall I though was the later seasons when the show was practically all about Robin and Barney, I wasn't thrilled with that. It seemed to drawn out.

I am just now starting to like this show. I was never a fan of it until cw put it on at 6 oclock and i started watching it and now i love it. I am so upset they are moving it to 10:30