ABC Family Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family Pretty Little Liars

              Rated #8 in Television Shows
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94% Recommended
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I LOVE this show! Definitely captivates the audience with it's unique twists and turns. Amazing plot. I am dying to know who A is!

i love this show. the actors are really great and i love the story line and the suspense in every episode.

I used to LOVE this show. The only reason I had to stop watching it is because I was too busy for TV. However, sometimes in my free time I will watch this show. It is so dramatic and just amazing overall!

I love this show.

This show has kept me on the edge of my seat since it began! I highly recommend this show if you love murdery/mystery with lots of twists & turns. I cant wait each week for it to come on and the ladies in my office love to chat about what we think is going on and who the killer is!

This is one of my favorite shows! I have watched all the episodes and am impatiently waiting for new episodes to come soon! At first I thought this was a "teen" show, so I avoided it until I saw it on Netflix one afternoon and could not stop watching it.. I am now hooked. All the main characters, Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna are interesting and I love each of their scenes and what they are doing. Cant wait for more!

This show is the best show ever created, it always keeps you on your feet. Finding out who is A is a thrill, not knowing what will happen next keeps wanting to watch it more, and you never want to miss a episode. I got my sister to love this show.

This is a great show! I was once addicted but now i think its a bit drawn out and confusing. Still watch it though

Love this show. I didn't think I would at first, thought it would be too "teen-y", but I'd say if you like mysteries, you'd probably like it.

my currant favorite the plot is amazing

This show is absolutly addicting.

I have been a fan of Pretty Little Liars since the first episode. It is definitely my guilty pleasure and is very addicting! The show keeps you guessing and is constantly surprising viewers.

Pretty Little Liars is by far my favorite TV show. I am absolutely addicted. Once you watch one episode you're hooked. I can't stress enough how addicting this show is. It keeps you on your toes and you will find you are spending your free time thinking of your own theories on the show.

This is my all time favorite show! It has so many twists and secrets it keeps you interested in it! The spin off is good but nothing beats the original! There is so much drama and questions I find myself excited for the week to pass just so I can watch it again!

I am absolutly obsessed with this show! It is amazing!! I look forward to it every week.