ABC Family Pretty Little Liars

ABC Family Pretty Little Liars

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If you haven't read the books, then the show is pkay. I however, did read the books & this show added way too much & left out way too much for me to enjoy. The acting is good but some of the casting was really disappointing.

Saw the commercials for this show, It somewhat look interesting and some of it didnt but i am definitely going too watch it next time it comes on and see what it is like.

so so

I could live with it or without it. I have never read the books,didn't even know there was book that went with it until recently. I hope the books are better than the show.

I was obsessed with the show i don't like the part who really was A, but sill watched it till it was over

Just not a fan. I watched the first few episodes and it just didn't hold my attention.

I really enjoy this show, but as a person who has read the books, I find it disappointing that the story line is a bit mashed up and doesnt follow the book as I hoped it would. I understand its hard to make the show exactly like the book, but I think they could have done a better job of being true to the book.

Enjoyable TV Great show for teens and adults alike! Suspenseful and full of action, the ladies in this show keep you roped in from episode 1.

It was a great series I was obsessed with this show until they revealed who A really was, Charlotte. Then I was like seriously? It felt like it was made up last min. But I still watched it till the series was over!

I definitely have loved this show from the beginning. Though I will say that all this back and forth about who is or isn't "A" is a bit tiring. I hope this season finally answers that question and allows the characters to have some closure. I can't wait to see where they take the characters storylines after that.

This is a great show! I was once addicted but now i think its a bit drawn out and confusing. Still watch it though

Love this show. I didn't think I would at first, thought it would be too "teen-y", but I'd say if you like mysteries, you'd probably like it.

my currant favorite the plot is amazing

This show is absolutly addicting.

I have been a fan of Pretty Little Liars since the first episode. It is definitely my guilty pleasure and is very addicting! The show keeps you guessing and is constantly surprising viewers.