Ivory Soap

Ivory Soap

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Soft touchable skin! I love Ivory soap! With my sensitive skin it is the only soap I can use! I don't break out, and it leaves my skin soft!

Love Ivory bar soap been using it for years and it is the one soap my whole family can use without any types of issues like break outs or dry skin.

Do not use it if you have a dry skin.

I have years using this soap i start it using when i was small my mom would use it on me because when i was smaller i use to be allergic to scented soaps so the doctor told my mom to use that on me and its great iI could sometimes use scented soaps but for some reason they make me sneezed when i m using them but when i use the ivory soap it dosnt make me sneezed it live my skin great .

This is a great value and a great product I have OCD and wash my hands constantly and this product really helps keep my hands looking smooth & soft.

Gentle enough to use on a child with eczema. Love it

My husband won't use anything else. He doesn't like strong scents, and this just has a light, fresh smell, while rinsing clean and leaving you feeling fresh. It's not super pricey either, so overall this is a really great product.

Love ivory soap. I have been using ivory since I was a kid. It has a fresh smell and is easy on my skin.

This is a basic bar no frills soap that many people can use. There really isn't a fragrance or dyes, so that is nice. If you are looking for something a little more pretty or scented this may not be for you.

Ivory Soap is a good product to use if you have sensitive skin like I do. It does not break me out and I feel refreshed when I get out of the shower. It is a cheap product also. It is fragrance free also.

With many allergies, this is the only soap I use. I love it. My entire family of 7 uses this soap.

Classic clean for everyone When I was a little kid, whenever we visited my grandparents, I would go into their bathroom and open the high upper cabinet and just stare in amazement at their big supply of Ivory Soap and Charmin toilet tissue. And I remember learning in 6th grade that it is 99 and 44/100th percent pure - so pure it floats. A few years ago when I had a wound, the wound care doctor told me to use Ivory soap. He said that it would gently and effectively clean the wound. So now I keep a few bars in the house specifically for first aid.

My Try This is the only soap our family uses, it is gentle and so easy on sensitive skin.

Favorite soap! I love the smell of this soap it leaves me smelling fresh and clean and my whole family really enjoys it

Gentle Soap This is the soap I use to wash my private areas. It cleans without irritating anything. I would recommend it for that purpose.