Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

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This hot sauce is a must have in the kitchen. I can barely keep it in my home we use it so often. It's great to add to all foods you make in the kitchen. Adds a little kick and zing to your palette.

This is so good and can be used on almost any food! Tastes so good when combined with a bar-b-q sauce. A must try! Not to spicy though.

I love this sauce! I l love spicy anything and usually have this in the house. It can go fast and now I have my boyfriend hooked on this as well. :)

Sriracha is the sauce of all sauces! It is amazing, you can try it on pretty much anything and you wont be disappointed. It is very hot so I suggest you try it only if you like spicy foods! I have about 20 bottles in stock in my house.... it goes fast between me and my boyfriend! Great to get that metabolism started (;

Except for dessert, Siracha is good on almost everything: eggs, soups, sandwiches, sides, and meat.

Love this in a hot bowl of Pho!

We used this hot sauce to make some Thai food and it gives what it promises, a good amount of spice to the food. If you like spicy food, you'll like Sriracha sauce. I'm glad we got it!

I'm big on hot sauce and I putting this on everything from my veggies to my chilli.

This is the original and still the yummiest!!! I grew up putting this on everything, from noodle soups to Vietnamese egg rolls. Don't settle for the imitated versions.

This is a mainstay in our home. Add it to anything to spice it up and give it some POW! Just like that you've got a gourmet tasting feast!

This is the best hot sauce that has ever been introduce to the human race!!! I eat it on everything!! It is such a versatile hot sauce! It goes on sushi, tacos, macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, really anything and it will make you life better. If you like spicy things and you haven't tried this hot sauce your life will forever be changed.

I eat this with pretty much anything. It is the best hot sauce I have ever had.

yummy!!! i love spicy!!!

I eat this with everything, add it in all my dishes. love it, a little spicy, but its worth it.

My fiance grew up on this sauce and when he introduced it to me, I was actually amazed at the great spice and flavor that it added to some of his famous Korean and Puerto Rican dishes. If you have not tried, I would definitely recommend you do.