Parents Choice Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

Parents Choice Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

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always buy! two stars because they are made in America. Three stars because they don't irritate or dry out my babys sweet little tush! also, they are decently priced i would say. I also like that the wipes don't leave behind fuzzies.

Very thick and strong for a store brand. These are the only brand of wipes I buy. I think they are even better than some named brand wipes such as Pampers natural clean.

These wipes work great. Ive been using them since my first baby and have ever since. They work and their at a good price. Were young parents but this brand helps us save money!

these wipes work great. it doesnt matter what brand you use

I love these wipes. They work great for cleaning up as well as for bottoms. They work just as well as the expensive brands and are much less expensive.

More bang for your buck! They have so many different scents and remain hypoallergenic. I absolutely love the Refreshing Cucumber scented ones. Ever since trying these, I have not purchased any other type of baby wipes!

These work just fine and are a affordable with a low price.

I love these. Pretty much i have never found a parent choice product that is bad. these whips are gentle and never hurts my son.

I compare these to huggies because parents choice wipes are thick and not like other store brand wipes ive tried. When I am in a bunch and can't afford huggies wipes I always purchase parents choice.

Great wipes with a low price!!

Great wipes! I use these for my son and I really like them. They are soft, super moist, and great for his super sensitive skin.

I received these as a baby shower gift and I honestly loved they feel exactly like the honest company wipes but at a cheaper price. I do like that they are thin and soft but durable. I do feel like they do the job. I will purchase these wipes again after I run out.

Fresh wipes What a great product same quality with unbeatable prices you get more for your money last a long time good for messy kids and everything in between I would buy this again for sure

Love this product! This is the only wipe I use for both of my children.They are cheap and last for awhile.They are also thick for being a cheaper them!

this are my fav wipes and brand. They are really affordable and they last a while