Olay Daily Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloths

Olay Daily Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloths

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I don't feel clean after using them. I feel sticky.

Not a fan

I did not like these. It was almost as if a "residue" was left on my face even after multiple rinsing and splashing!

I bought this product a little back and was not satisfied with it at all. It left my skin feeling a little tight after wards and that is a sign of actually dehydrating your skin. I wouldn't recommend these to someone who has the same skin type as myself, but it could possibly work for those with naturally flawless skin.

These made my eyes burn every time I used them. Other than that they did make my skin feel soft.

olay is the only face wash that i use. i only use the scent free and i love it.

I enjoy the portability as well as ease of use of it. I feel clean afterwards and it easily removes my eyemakeup as well as long-lasting lipstick without excessive rubbing.

These are pretty nice, but pretty standard face wipes. They're convenient and clean pretty well. It worked well for my skin and didn't irritate me at all, but can be pricey since there isn't much to these. It just gets the job done but doesn't particularly moisturize or anything like others do.

They work well and leave you skin soft.However I have not tried other brands to compare it to and they are a bit expencive. But they worked really well.

These are great. They remove my eye makeup that other cleansers cannot.

My daily necessity I use this product twice per day (am & pm) everyday. I like the convenience and they?re great for travel. They remove all my makeup (eye makeup too) effortlessly and without burning my eyes. If you haven't tried them-do it soon!

I love these cloths. I use the ones for sensitive skin. They are so convenient and ease for traveling. I usually use an eye makeup remover for my mascara & such but even without the remover, these little cloths will remove the makeup. The biggest benefit is that I have no allergic reaction. I NEVER go anywhere without them.

Great Facial Wipes These wipes are gentle on your skin and make it much easier to remove make-up. They are very convenient because you don't need a wash cloth.

Theses are good at cleaning your face and leaves your face soft.

I use these daily. I love them. They clean so well and leave face soft. I like the design and the container. So easy to take along. I use at night to remove makeup before bed and it works great, as well as in the morning before makeup. It cleans my face well, really soaps up and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.