Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

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PURE Water no after/mineral taste so pick this if you want PURE water

It is affordable and the water is great. I love the bottles they come in. Best water.

Best tasting bottled water with the best price.

Water is what I chose ti drink I tend to stay away from the soda

It's water! In a bottle! It all tastes the same, unless the plastic starts to taste funk, like some brands. This one, doesn't.

This is a very good tasting bottled water. I know it may sound silly but, I have tasted bad bottled water and I promise you this is not one.

Love love love this water! Best option available!

Would never drink a different bottled water! This is the best!

I do not care for bottled water personally but my father loves this brand,he is no longer able to drive and I shop for him,this is always on his list and it has to be this brand.

I always choose Nestle over any other brand of bottled water. It just has a better flavor.

I love drinking purified water I hated drinking it for the longest time I don't exactly remember why but now I try to drink more . Drinking water is very important it not only keeps your body hydrated but its also what most of your body is made up of. It helps do a lot but did you know it can also help with hair growth?

Guaranteed the best bottled water that there is. After having such bad water in my area, I have jumped on the bandwagon and purchased bottles of it. It is so good too!

Great Love this water and love the bottle. Very refreshing

Water Karen Geahlen: Water is refreshing & great for the body

Pure & price perfection Our family's preferred brand of water! The taste is always pure and the price is right. Another thing I love is the variations of packages you can buy this brand in. We've purchased a 12 pack and 35 pack from Walmart, but also a 6 pack at the dollar store. Sometimes you just need a small pack for on the road or at the office, and Nestle Pure Life always works!