Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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I love huggies wipes!! They are durable and soft all at the same time. I only use pampers wipes if I can get cheap with a coupon.

By far the BEST wipes! Strong, durable, moist and soft! I wouldn't use anything else!

These are the only wipes we use and have used them since our oldest was born. I find that with other wipes I have to use 2-3 times more than what 1 Huggies wipe will do. The other brands just do not compare.

I love the Huggies Natural Cabre Baby wipes! I find that they are much trong, durable, moister and soft then the Pammpers wipes!

I love Huggies brand wipes. It's the only brand we use. Most the other brands seem to smell horrible to me.

Love the Huggies wipes!! They are the only wipes we use, they are cloth-like and thick, I have never had one tear or rip. Wonderful for my babies booty =)

I am using these, though these have slight medicinal smell, they work fine. Once in a whie I rinse it with warm water to make them warm n remove excess chemical and they work good. They become softer side after rinse. I have used Johnson n Johnson wipes and loved them.

Love these wipes. Great for sensitive skin. and they just leave a nice clean feel and smell.

I prefer this wipes over other leading brand or store brand out there no matter how cheap they want to offer. I use coupon in buying these wipes and I get the most value out of it. It is durable and soft. It holds up while cleaning the baby and you use at least 3 wipes and done!

These wipes are nicely priced and they work great. They don't rip or come a part on big messes. And they don't cause any skin issues.

This is my favorite brand of wipes. They are thick enough to clean up poop without me feeling like I am touching it. They leave my children's diaper area clean and do not cause any rashes. They do not have an overwhelming scent when you open the container, which I also like. I always buy this brand.

Loves these wipes, seem thicker and stronger then other top brands

Pampers Wipes have NOTHING on Huggies brand Wipes. No other wipe can compare to the thickness and durablity of Huggies wipes for even the messiest diapers.

I love Huggies wipes. I keep them everywhere. Yes, they're good for changing diapers, but they're also great for cleaning dirty faces and hands at home and on the go.

These are my favorite wipes! They are so thick, I've never had a "blowout" with these wipes and they smell sooo good. They've never irritated my little one either. I even use them on my face to remove my eye makeup.