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  • amsweeney By  amsweeney    

    Writes smooth.

    Good and writes smooth but the tip comes out easily and runs out fast.

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  • Browneyedgirl90 By  Browneyedgirl90    

    I love these pens. I like that they are inexpensive and last forever. Easy to write with. A very good buy.

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  • Nellyfrank By  Nellyfrank    

    I DJ and run karaoke, I use these pens because they work and are cheap so i don't have to worry if people "accidentally"take them home.

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  • deanna519 By  deanna519    


    Poor quality pen. Does not write smoothly. Leaks easily. Not worth the hassle to me

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  • vickiedien By  vickiedien    

    For a cheap pen, these write very well! If you want to fancy them up a bit, add flowers to the top!

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  • diamondnicole11 By  diamondnicole11    

    love love love,these pens write so smooth and easy. they don't left my leftie hand all dirty from it rubbing across the paper.

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  • jlt8484 By  jlt8484    

    When working in big business these pens are great. I work in healthcare and we use these pens more than others!!!

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    I buy these by the case. Inexpensive, last long, and write well. I use these for everyday use.

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    Favorite cheap pen ever. Really good price and good quality. Writes very well. Rarely have pens that leak.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    No. These are cheap, and not in a good way. I have almost never been able to get through any of these pens with all of the ink used up because the ink will dry in the pen and make the ball stick. This is one of those 'scribble' pens, meaning that you have to scribble all over to get any ink on the ball before you can write with it. Ugh. I hate these. When I'm looking for a pen and I find one of these, I keep looking.

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  • lovedeals73 By  lovedeals73    

    I purchase it all the time, I like how they write and the inks last a long time. Plus they're cos-effective.

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  • lizamrivera By  lizamrivera    

    ii buy them all the time. the price is great, and they just perfect. i can be in a rush and buy them and i know i make the right decision.

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  • caligirl4ever By  caligirl4ever    

    They are great pens. They are cheap and last a long time. If you don't want to make an investment on writing instruments that will run out of ink then purchase these.

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  • Liduvina By  Liduvina    

    These have a great price. They do smudge.

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  • sneepy By  sneepy    

    They are great for what they are, 10/$1 so of course I wouldn't expect them to operate like a $4 pen. Let clients use these so they won't lose or take your expensive pen.

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