Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Antiperspirant and Deodorant

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I first got this as a sample but then bought some. I love it!

I am a committed purchaser of the Dove Cucumber Green Tea scented deodorant. It is the only deodorant that works 100% for me, even through a long day outside.I have tried a few of the other fragrances, but haven't found them to be as effective as the Cucumber Green Tea.

Love the scent!

My 10 year old thinks the nectarine and white ginger scent ultimate go fresh deoderant is a little weak scented but she really loves the pomegranate & lemon verbana which is more fragranted. On the other hand ,my 8 year old prefers the nectarine & white ginger scent over the pomegranate & lemon verbana. I like both scents. We will be trying them out today after showers and letting everyone know tonight our full review of the deodorants and how well worked for us. We are very impressed so far with packaging and the scents! My girls love the sparkled tops!

Great scent!

The Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorant in the pomegranate & lemon verbana scent is wonderful, my daughter and I think it has the perfect amount of scent, not to strong and not to mild. I wish the lemon and white ginger had a little stronger scent but my daughter feels it is perfect. Both go on smooth as silk, hold up very well throughout the day and don't clump up and stain your clothing. Price wise, they are worth it when you factor in the quality. I feel confident in recommending both scents to family and friends.

my friend who got me to sign up gave me a sample of the nectarine and white ginger. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! sometimes i feel like my deoderant isn't doing its job. well this one did i felt fresh and clean, not sweaty n stinky all day long!!!! Do try this>

I really like Dove. I recently moved back to TX and it has worked great. It's hard to find something that will work in such intense heat. I help my husband in the yard and play with my boys (football, etc.) and it works.

This is one of my fav deodorants now. Love the smell and works better than my normal brand.

LOVE this deodorant!! It really works, plus it smells great!

I LOVE this stuff! Smells like heaven. Wish they had body spray to they?

Very good quality product, like any Dove product. I use it all the time. It works without flaw for me and does not leave residues. I am very happy with it and love the smells. They are sophisticated and non intrusive.

I love this deoderant. It smells SO good and fresh and leaves my underarms feelings very smooth!

I like the staying power of the Dove deoderant. Some deoderants just don't hold up all day. I can personally say that the Dove deoderant is doing it's job so far and my black sweater isn't all white in the armpits like it was from my other so-called "invisible solid" deoderant .

I love dove products! The smell is awesome. Thanks.