Disney Phineas and Ferb

Disney Phineas and Ferb

              Rated #7 in Television Shows
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98% Recommended
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For parents or kids This show is one that I?ll actually sit down and watch? If my kids have it on the tv. We love it!! It?s creative and funny and the characters are great! I don?t worry about the content, which can?t be said about every kids show. Phineas and Feeb has been a long time favorite of ours and we still watch reruns. It just never gets old!

Entertaining Funny and entertaining; Even watchable for adults!

Love! This was my favorite show and now it's my kid's too!

Absolute yes from me!!! Absolutely love this show. I watched it when it first came out and I?ll still watch it now. It reminds me of growing up with my brother and how he?d never get caught doing anything.

You Will Be Entertained I love this show! Everyone on my street can hear me sing the meatloaf song when I have one in the oven . I used to watch this with my daughter who is now twenty yrs old ,and still a fan, as well as myself. The characters, and different themes will keep you entertained.

Good show I used to watch this with my younger sister as a teen lol. Was entertaining. Im 32 now.

Classic I loved watching this show with my siblings. It is a great show for both kids and adults. It is funny, relatable, and always fun for the whole family. This show is just so awesome, no complaints. This movie is an absolute classic.

My two daughters love this amazing show. They always watch it on netflix.

I'm an adult but at the same time a big kid. I love this show, these kinds are so innovative. It really puts things in perspective.

This is a cute show, however I would love to see Candice's mom finally catch phinneas and pherb!! My boys like it!

Its a good show for kids, it inspires them and give them ideas to try and be spontaneous. Also to try and step out of their comfort zone every once and a while.

Very fun and great to entertain the kids. Whenever i babysit it gets the kids so quiet its amazing. The show is great though very funny and cool for kids. I would tell any parent to let there kids watch this

My nephew loves this show. Its a cute show even I enjoy it

I like to watch Phineas and Ferb

Great for the kids with lots of entertainment for the adults. I've noticed my nephews have started developing a great sense of humor, and I credit this show.