ABC Modern Family

ABC Modern Family

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I think this a very bad show!!!

I do not understand why this show is loved. I understand that they a few beautiful women in the show, but it is not enough to carry it. All of them are dysfunctional and ridiculous. I shake my head when it comes on and think really what is the point.

It is hard to follow and does not make sense. This is not funny at all

am i the only one who finds this show extremely offensive?

Love this show. It can get a bit....uh..what? at times. but it is awesome!

Show is hilarious.

Have loved this show since it started, but I think this season has not been the best. Not as funny or edgy as it was.

I do enjoy this show..Good for a laugh.

Always makes me laugh. I love a dysfunctional family!

I love the show esp Mitch and Cam. However, I also think that most of the problems/interactions in the sitcom are upper middle class which sometimes I cant relate to.

took me a looong time to get into this show. not sure what it was that made me not wanna check it out. its a funny show. could offend, if you are pansy. well written and they cast the ppl well. after i got into it, got to be a fave. lots of jokes and laughs to break up your boring day

This show is so funny and refreshing.

I agree with most statements above so why be redundant. I just don't like it when they have the members of the family talking to - who?, a camera?, is it a documentary? To me there is no reason for this and it is distracting to the flow of the show.

funny movie

i love the show. it's so funny. i have not miss an episode. this is the one and only show my man would watch with me