Costco Kirkland Diapers

Costco Kirkland Diapers

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Chemical smells Costco recently changed their diapers, they are horrible when your baby will pee you will smell chemicals, I would run around my house thinking there was a chemical leaking or something wrong, until I figured it out it was the Costco diapers. I absolutely hate the new Costco diapers they chemical smell aside they leaked and didn't fit right.

A lady I used to nanny for used these. I guess they're ok if you're trying to save money and have multiple children but they're exactly how I would imagine disaster relief supplies to be. Useable.

The don't leak but the sizes seem to run alittle small so I buy them as a between size.

Great diapers that work just as well as high end diapers.

My son has never had a leak with these diapers. The past 2 boxes I bought (months apart) seemed to be cut incorrectly in the back and part of his butt cheek would be hanging out. Before I tried Kirkland diapers I was using Huggies Supreme.

I really like these diapers. they are almost exactly like Huggies.

Great budget friendly option! These diapers are super absorbent and comparable to Huggies. The did recently get rid of the extra Velcro on the front sides so I did deduct a star for that since they help hold the diaper in place better.

I have tried many well known brand diapers that are much more expensive but have either leaked or gave my baby the worst rash, costco brand is the best brand fr diapers, no leaks and no rashes.

Great diaper, great price I have bounced back and forth between different diaper brands. I had not found one that I really liked until I tried the Kirkland Brand. After some research, I found this is made by the same company that makes Huggies, but at a much better price! I mean, if you are like me and going through at least 4 diapers a day, I want a cheaper option that name brand Huggies, but I don't want to skimp on the quality. I found these diapers to be the perfect blend of quality and price. Perfect for my sweet toddler!

These diapers are amazing. We have pretty much been using Huggies diapers exclusively since my daughter was born a year ago but she developed a horrible rash that last over a month. We tried about ten different brands and were about to give up until we heard about these. I decided to give them a try and so happy we did. They fit and hold up just like regular Huggies diapers. Unfortunately/fortunately the day we got these our daughter decided it was time to learn to use the potty so she really doesn't use them to their maximum capacity but we will definitely try these again for any future children.

Premium Diapers These are incredible diapers. They are snug and secure and are safe for sensitive skin. They keep blowouts in better than other diapers I've tried. They are premium quality for the price of a store brand.

I just recently started using these. I really wished I used them earlier because I could have saved a lot more money on diapers! I was a huge user of Pampers and Huggies for my firstborn son. I was doubtful that Kirkland's diapers wouldn't be as absorbent as the brand name diapers and boy was I wrong. I only started using them because a friend gave us their leftover Kirkland diapers and I reluctantly used them. Boy, I should have used them long time ago and I would have a lot more money! I rarely get leaks with these diapers and they hold all the runny poop in them too, which is a huge plus!!! I recommend these diapers to all of of my friends with children now.

For my daughter we had tried pampers, huggies and almost all other brands before trying this. We used these diapers from when she was 2 months old until she was potty trained. we are very happy with the product and costco gives it at a good price. I would highly recommend this product to parents.

Great product for the price - do not leak, stay fastened, size is a little smaller then brand names, but that is the only con.

As a child care provider I use a lot of diapers. My parents all provide diapers for their children. I get a variety of brands, costco's kirkland diapers are by far the best. I actually recommend to my new parents that they purchase kirkland diapers instead of the more costly brands.