Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cup

Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cup

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i love these there delicious and great for a quick and feel you up

It was a good size portion for my family... very easy to make and we love the flavor!

Delicious!! Love It!

I have 4 children and they all love the Velvetta shells & cheese, the one with broccoli is also a hit. It is very easy to prepare and perfect when your in a hurry.

My son love these for a quick lunch side :) delicious.

This was a great quick fix and a plus was it taste delicious. As some of you say it was runny mine wasn't, I stirred it after it finished and if it was still a little watery I popped it back in the microwave for 45 more seconds. Maybe try that next time.

I that this was great! I've eaten the easy mac since I was in college and tried this one for the first time tonight. I thought it was much better than the other options. A great snack and a bit of nostalgia!

The taste is great, better than the Kraft Mac n Cheese. Plenty in the bowl for an adult, but 2 servings for a young child or toddler. Perfect for on the go, lunches etc. Our whole family loves them! We eat them with plastic forks, so there is no dishes to clean up!

I love these things. I've been on a diet for quite some time, and cheese and pasta are two things people are always telling you to cut out when dieting. I find that I can eat one of these for lunch and get both of those cravings out of the way. They're also SOOO simple to make. Great stuff.

Love it! Super easy my son loves it. He is 19months old problem eating it right out of the cup!

i feel like it tastes better than in a box. can that be true?

These are great for school lunches or a quick lunch at home for people with children. The cups have easy to use to directions so that the children and can make it by themselves or with a little help from mom! Velveeta makes the creamiest mac and cheese and it taste delicious!

This and one other brand of macaroni is the only macaroni and cheese that my better half will eat! He is a picky eater and I can make this anytime and know he will be pleased!! There is something about the velveeta cheese!

Absolutely LOVE these. Sooo good when i have that craving for mac and cheese!!! Love the fact that it is really quick.

I love these so does my 2 year old we have them for a lunch quick and easy.