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Awful stuff, way to make people that are on the fence NEVER want to do cloth diapers. These never fit right and fell apart so easily,yuck. Try Fuzzibunz or GroVia instead!

They are ok. Super cute butts but you have to get the fit JUST RIGHT, or you WILL have leaks. I liked the look and ease of them but we were not successful. I find cloth diapering harder with a boy. The stuff has to be different and I felt the gDiaper didnt fit successfully with a boy.

At first I was really excited about these, but they quickly fell to being just my third favorite diaper. First of all, I had a really hard time finding the supplies that I needed for these. I had to hit up about three different Babies R Us stores just to get the stuff I wanted in the size that I wanted. I didn't want to use the disposable liners, so I had to search everywhere for the cloth ones. Secondly, they are SUPER expensive. Way more than I would want to pay for cloth diapers. And lastly, after I finally did get all my supplies together, I was only able to use them on my baby for a couple of months before she started to fuss when wearing them. The areas that velcro together no longer meshed up right because my daughter is SO chubby around the middle. Even though she was the right pound size to be wearing them, her little tummy was just so fat that I couldn't make the ends meet correctly. That meant I had to buy all new supplies, and invest even more money - which you have to do by the way each time you change sizes! I ended up going with a different (adjustable) cloth diaper brand, and have been much happier. I was so sad too because these looked so cute! For the two months that I had them though, they were very convenient at least!

Easy and Trim Fitting I believe its love or hate with the gDiapers. I personally have had terrific luck with gDiapers and have used them within our cloth diaper stashes starting way back in 2011. At first we utilized the disposable/flushable inserts but it seemed that often got messy and my heart broke a little whenever our son would void in such a small area... (the eco-conscious side of my brain struggled with knowing so much of the other areas went unused and thus wasted material). That's when we switched to the gCloth inserts and just tossed them in with the rest of the diaper laundry. That was a game changer! The gDiaper branded gCloth inserts are workhorses and take a beating. They are my favorite inserts and my go-to inserts whenever I use pockets, covers, or gPants. The top layer absorbs and wicks the moisture away to the bottom layer so baby isn't uncomfortable and their skin is not jeopardized by coming into contact with a soggy urine soaked insert. When #2 happens with the gCloth - they spray/rinse off pretty easily and they wash beautifully. I haven't had any staining in the 5 years we've been using the cloth inserts. The gPants are great because they are trim and not bulky. They hooks & loop fastens in the back to help prevent kiddos from pulling their diapers off and they lend themselves to finding a good fit (with snap diapers, we find some times achieving a good fit is hit and miss based on baby's growth spurts - the best fit may be in between where snaps are located). I've had a few issues with the gPouches missing their snap or leaking - but the company recommends swapping out gPouches ever handful of months, which I didn't do. In that sense - it can get costly upfront. However; it still saves over having to buy disposables constantly.

loved them! the only problem we had is the velcro would leave red spots where it rubbed alittle

These were the first cloth diapers we tried when we started out! They were wonderful. We loved the versatility of being able to use either cloth or disposables with gDiapers. The refills are wonderful because of the biodegradable aspect and the fact that they were large enough for a bigger child and if you had a smaller child they could be folded. I only wish I could have been able to purchase them at more places than just at Babies R Us. The other thing I really loved about these diapers is the fact that my son was not able to take these off like he was other diapers because they closed in the back instead of the front. It made it much more difficult for him to remove on his own. This was a HUGE plus in my mind! If you are a disposable user and considering the switch to cloth... these are an easy way to go! You can still do both if you want. Give it a shot.

I recently switched from disposable to gDiapers and I will never go back! I have a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old and they are very happy in their gPants. We use the gCloth inserts at home and when we travel we throw the gLiners in the diaper bag and there is no worry about having to wash and store the cloth liners. I have been having a bit of a problem with my oldest getting little red marks where the elastic is but I think if I tried the XL size they just released it would solve the problem. Overall, I would highly recommend these hybrid diapers to "green" Mommies on the go.

Used these with my nephew and they really worked well and I liked the colors too.

My little niece uses cloth diapers and I watch her so i would like to try these diapers im not sure what ones she uses. She is 7 months old.

I haven't tried these yet, but I saw an ad for them while i was pregnant. I have been dying to try these, as they sound like a great hybrid diaper. Cloth diapers seem like too much work for a new Mom, and regular diapers seem terrible for the environment. I plan on getting these diapers at some point.

I love gDiapers!!! It is the best of the cloth diapering world combined with the disposable diapers. You us e a cloth diaper outside with a vinyl insert. And then put a disposable insert on top of the vinyl lining. The disposable insert can be flushed or thrown away. And the best part is the decompose with in 50 days instead of hundred of years like pampers and huggies.